Thursday, December 1, 2011

I like: Sarcastic Op-Eds.

I know she's neither running nor mentioned - but she's an image search top hit for "silly republicans" for a reason, right?
Gail Collins starts off her Thanksgiving column thusly:
This year I am giving thanks for the Republican presidential debates.
And goes on to explain why (article here).  I love SNARK.  Teehee.

GAH - I just tried to pick a few choice quotes to include here and I couldn't choose any one ... just go and read it. 

I love that she finds them so entertaining - but I'm a little worried we ("latte liberals") don't take these folks as seriously as we should.  As in, we shouldn't assume other voters find them as amusing and perhaps as harmless as they actually SHOULD be, y'know, if everyone USED their brain... and so we let things slide instead of jumping on how dumb/politically incorrect/obtuse/incorrect/uninformed these candidates are and pointing it out to the voting populace.

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