Friday, December 2, 2011

Food on Friday 7. Halloween Candy Corn Cookies!!

So I previously blogged about what to bake for Halloween.

I made these adorable Candy Corn Sugar Cookies.

I used the same sugar cookie recipe from this post about jam thumbprint cookies but tripled it.

Followed the food coloring directions - it was weird and marbled at first but the more I handled the dough, the color evened out and the dough came together (remember how I said it was so crumbly last time?)

I actually think pictures are really helpful for this recipe.

Then you line a bread pan (I used a narrow shoe box) lined with cellophane.  Just go in the right order and try to get your layers as flat as possible.

Then, refrigerate/chill for QUITE SOME TIME so they'll be easier to cut/handle (it feels SUPER-long b/c you get so excited about making/eating the cookies!)

Use the overhanging cellophane to lift the tri-colored block out of the box, then cut 1/2 inch slices.  I followed some reviewer suggestions and coated my knife in powdered sugar (instead of flour) so you don't make it too doughy/taste too flour-y.  You can see a flat slice in the top-right of the picture below.

Then cut the slice into triangles!

On their way into the oven! So, when you cut the flat rectangular slice on diagonals to make triangles, inevitably half of the candy corns will come out with the colors reversed!

They get a little rounded as they bake so I found the sharper you cut them, the better.  Also, you can really see what I mean about my wonky oven.  The back of it has much stronger heat than the front (perhaps it's drafty?).  So I've taken to rotating the pan halfway through the suggested baketime (for whatever it is that I'm making).  And that helps with no noticeable increase in baking time.

A sample of two cookies (you can see what I mean by upside-down colors).  I saved these from my co-workers (I brought in 50 at least! and they were gone in an hour!).

Oh, and I added just a touch of cinnamon (1/4 tsp) to make it taste more fall/autumn-y!

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