Friday, January 27, 2012

Ghost "towns."

I meant to share this earlier and it got lost.  I thought this would be an interesting question to discuss especially around New Year's when people make such grandiose claims and declare their hopes and wishes for the coming year: What are the consequences of dreaming "too big"?  

This article takes a look at 6 modern ghost "towns" and it means towns in terms of projects.  Man-made projects that have ended up... empty.

I have a bag of new yarn and a halfway to halfway finished blanket.  This summer I picked up knitting, thought I was going to do it forever and started to knit one of my goddaughters a blanket.  Here I am 6 months later, past Christmas and her birthday and the blanket is still sitting in my "knitting bag."

My sister has a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle she bought and started before Christmas. My mom has 2 empty except for 2 pages scrapbooks she started making when I went off to college. We are all sometimes a bit more ambitious than might be productive. It's not necessarily a bad thing but where exactly do we draw the line to balance resources and investment?

So that leads to my question: What's your "ghost"?

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Lydia said...

hmm, I usually return to them at a later time when I feel excited about them again. Maybe labeling them as abandoned becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy? For example, I knit like a madwoman once every 3 years for a couple weeks, and then move onto something else. I just see it as a value-neutral, cyclical process.