Monday, January 23, 2012

If Sherlock Holmes were a bit racist.

So, I've had a long week and made plans to meet my family at our Korean sauna after work. I've taken the bus to the sauna before when I was still living in the city. So, no big deal right?

Wrong. Now that I'm a commuter, I have a monthly NJTransit bus pass and it turns out the bus I need to take is a Rockland Coach line bus. Meaning they won't honor my monthly pass and I have to buy a new ticket. No way. I'm not paying for another ticket when I'm already entitled to a ride into NJ from NJTransit.

From my own keen memory I remember that in all my time spent on Broad Avenue (2 blocks from my destination) I've consistently seen 166 line buses. Score. I now know which line to take. But which gate???

Luckily for me, my own usual bus gate is in the farthest remotest corner of the terminal. This means I've passed lines of people at nearly all the other gates. I've also noticed that there are an unusually disproportionately high percentage of Asian folks in the lines at the cluster of Gates 208 through 214.

Aha!!! All those Asians must mean at least one thing!!! Not only is that where the Bergen County bus lines are but it's also where the Bergen County bus lines that go to super-Asian places are. Like my own destination!!!

Having thus narrowed down which bus to take and where I need to be to take it i walked towards that cluster and start looking at the tables next to each gate for the right line.

Yes. There it is. Line 166 with service to Palisades Park departing from Gate 211 Door 2. Don't mind if I do. I feel so accomplished. :)

Can you tell I really used to love Nancy Drew and that I really currently love Sherlock Holmes?


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Lydia said...

a nice bit of sleuthing! (what about encyclopedia brown??)