Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sacrifices that are worth it.

Left work at 8pm yesterday. But still with a smile on my face.

Why? I'm working late to do all the work I can't do next week. Because I'll be beachside in Mexico :D
Our resort

Will be pulling long days for the rest of the week but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Excited for my week of fun in the sun. Especially since this past weekend my mom bought me my BARBIE BATHING SUIT!!!

It's this top:

From Everything But Water
With this bottom:
From Everything But Water
So this bathing suit but in the above color:

I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH that I danced around the store wearing it and singing "I'M A BARBIE I'M A BARBIE!!!" until my mom just bought it for me (mostly I think to make me take it off and stop terrorizing other customers).

Then I came home and wore it for five hours and kept singing "I'M A BARBIE I'M A BARBIE!!!" until I had to get ready for a New Year's Eve party.  And even then, my mom and sister had to convince me I couldn't wear my new bathing suit to the party SADFACE.



sylvia said...

OK!!!! i definitely needed a visual to accompany your re-enactment of 'I'M A BARBIE'. jhahahhaha i can now picture it perfectly. this is so you and super cute! i want to go on vacation :(
why can't i be a lim just for that week. T-T

sylvia said...

p.s. good thing you didnt wear it to the party......

Lydia said...

LOL you are so crazy! i love it!