Friday, January 6, 2012

Beautiful libraries.

If you remember from an earlier post, I TOTALLY LOVE LIBRARIES!!! Like, head-over-heels LOVE LOVE LURRRV libraries.  I think they are so beautiful and I love walking through them and reading in them.

So when I saw a facebook friend link to one of the articles below, I just had to share.

First, the publication's choice of the 25 most beautiful college libraries in the world.  And then they knew I couldn't get enough and published a reader's choice of 20 more beautiful college libraries from around the world.

I'm not even sure where I collected all these pictures, but I do in fact just hoard pictures I find on the internet of BEAUTIFUL libraries and now I'm sharing a few:

My first favorite/dream library

Look at the spiral staircase!

In case you couldn't tell


So beautiful

Books up to the sky!

Doesn't this look a lot like the 3rd floor of Butler?

Biblioteca do Palacio e Convento de Mafra I

Biblioteca Geral da Universidade de Coimbra IV

Queen's College Library, Oxford

Beautiful ceilings

Skyscrapers of books!

Le DROOL!!! Seriously, I would fall madly in love with any guy who took me on a tour of libraries.  (I did have a wonderful date going through the Morgan Library once). I would be ECSTATIC if I could go on a tour of beautiful libraries for my honeymoon... ~~SWOON~~

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this is why we're friends. HNY christine! =)