Thursday, September 27, 2007

i am a huge nerd

Today i realized how much i miss my school library. that is correct, I MISS DUKE'S LIBRARIES. I miss all the ones I've been in: Law school, business school, div school, med school, lilly, perkins, bostock, and biddle. there are a few more - i don't think i've been and studied in them though. of course i miss perkins and bostock the most. ok, and lilly a little bit a lot, too.

i miss the gothic reading room in perkins and how productive i always was in that chilly space. i miss the hidden tucked away tower rooms of bostock where i broke night writing and writing and writing. i miss von der heyden-that beautiful odd glass and steel beauty of a study space/cafe. i miss sitting there all day intermittently with ashley. i miss the lounge/lobby/study area in the new perkins. i miss jus sitting in a cushy chair with my laptop, notes, and tea all day. i miss bostock carpenter reading room. i miss pushing the two comfy chairs together and staying there reading/napping/hilighting all day. i miss the late afternoon sunlight slanting in through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows when i sat there after korean class doing my korean hw for the next week. i miss the first floor of bostock's huge tables where i would just set up camp for the day and be able to see all the foot traffic coming through.

i realized this all today when i joined the fb group: I'd Marry the Beast if I Could Have a Library Like That...
This is true, i think one of the most awe-inspiring movie moments EVER for me was when the Beast shows Belle his library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I would LOVE to have a library collection like that.

i've been planning a library since sophomore/junior year of college. altho my partner library founder/benefactor is prob out of the picture now i'm still dead set on having a sizable library/collection in my eventual home. there WILL be leather sofas and a rolling/sliding ladder for the shelves. i can't wait!!! eeek!!! i'm so excited by this thought!!!

hmmmm mmmm mMMMMMmmmMMmmm the smell of new books excites me! being in bookstores and running my hands over bookspines excites me. =) sooooo much. just THINKING about it makes me so happy!!!

this brings up a thought i had over chuseok break, i brought some books to jindo to read bc i knew they'd come in handy. i then realized:

i could READ AND READ AND READ for every second for every moment for the rest of my life, and i would STILL NEVER even make a dent in the amount of reading in the world. i would NEVER EVER be able to read EVERYTHING, to learn, devour, consume, to KNOW everything there is to know. and that thought truly frightened me. that i could die leaving so much left unlearnt, untouched. the wealth of information out there that i wont ever even get to know exists makes me sad. but at the same time i'm so happy that reading's been such a big part of my life to this point.

wow, this was a nerdy post. i will try to go do something super cool to write about to balance this out. hehe


경아 said...

awwwww who knew that behind your cute and preppy exterior a huge nerd existed?? or, "NAAARD" as my mom likes to say it =] i absolutely love this post.

Amelia said...

I'm gonna have a huge ass library too, we can make up card catalogues and borrow books like an interlibrary loan.

We're cool, I swear