Wednesday, September 26, 2007


so, family time. it was actually pretty good and a lot better than i had expected. it made me miss my dad a lot tho, to see his family and all these brothers who look and act so much like him!

mostly all i did was eat and sleep. so by the end my whole family was teasing me about my lil ddongbeh. hehe, and my punk cousin kept poking at it and saying we should cut my belly meat and eat it ... =( haha

im being filmed tomorrow. so im gonna sleep now. more on chuseok and other random thoughts later.


grayshifter said...

ddongbeh = belly I assume.

My host mom is on a mission to fatten me up for the feast. In my imagination I see a miguksaram roast at the end of the year with me as the main course o.O

ChristineXP said...

haaaaaaaaahahahahaha you make laugh and that's AWESOME. i will be sending you an AMAAAAZING email of negativity haha. be on the lookout for that.