Monday, September 17, 2007

gifts i have received at my school

new keyboard and mouse for my school computer
new speakers for my school computer
new laser color printer for my school computer
new usb mouse for my laptop

pizza for bfast
cheeseburger for bfast
pizza for snack
kimchi and potatoes arranged beautifully on a plate (that some random 4th grade boys all ate)
hardboiled eggs, grapes, and some kind of cabbage arranged beautifully on a dish
throat gum (soothes your throat)

pretty mechanical pencil (from a student)

some seem very normal. others, a bit odd. however, i am thankful. i could be jason - and have students sticking ice cream wrappers in my shoe shelf/closet everyday. hahahahaha.

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Amelia said...

I luff presents. We are soooo loved by our schools, it's ridic amazing.