Monday, September 3, 2007

my schedule

my class schedule is AWESOME. mostly. =) i'm not complaining. people keep asking and it's differnet every day so it's hard to explain via words. so here you go.

i have 20 total max hours a week by contract. i teach 13 actual classes (6 1st grade and 7 2nd grade) and 4 afterschool classes (which will rotate bw advanced english and special english "camps" by grade throughout the semester) and then 1 hour of prep w/teachers per each grade (1st and 2nd) plus 1 generic teacher workshop called "classroom english"

all my classes are done before lunch so it kinda sucks to have alot of downtime before my afterschool activities ... but i figure ill do all my lesson planning then so i dont have to give any more out of school time. =)

first "real" class teaching today. 3 2nd grade classes. much better than i expected. not as difficult. teachers great. students-better than average. not TOO many problem children (1-2 per class that refuse to speak english and cry or hide under their desk instead). lol. really sweet so far. i heart them.

funny story for today: so my coteacher liaison is 7 months pregnant. she got a lot bigger over the summer break. one girl looks at her, points to her stomach and says, "It's a 똥배 ddong-bbeh" which means "it's a fat tummy". i dunno .. you kinda have to understand the korean for it to be funny. plus the honesty and guile of this girl (she actually meant it as a comment about the teacher's weight and not a joke about her pregnant stomach).

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