Sunday, September 2, 2007

Things I miss

me, shanks, john gatech game

calen, rindler, me, dmos - my bday eve

my 22nd bday dinner @ waduke

kville for UMD game

ed06, john06, me07, ash08 lny preparty this year

girls at lny preparty last year

calen, me dave, jr year kickoff

heather, me ash, kickoff to living in wanny together

girls at davidson game jr year

wint, ash, me before UMD game

(because i can)

Duke. classes. Lil cricket. mommy. daddy. dillo burritos. cosmic. eprint. wint. ashley. joan. tyty. heather. wm boys. track boys. calen. dlee. dmos. john. kirly. waterhouse. big willy style. tyler from clackamas. central. c-2s. gardens. duke student health. free meds. allen bldg. bostock. chapel drive. post-tailgate lunch w/ty. seeing greg paulus in computer lab. loop shakes. mcdonalds froyo. checking my mail. the post office guy who knew my name. beirut in section. MLTs. george's. shooters (haha). halloween. semis. dress shopping. coldstones. southpoint. nordstrom. jcrew. i-40. 147. durham bulls. fireworks. shanks. feltman in 114. husspony. the bummy asian boys. dhsu. dpark. eric. samwell. ak. dpark's ridiculosity. dan and eric bickering. craisins. goin to target and buying everyone's groceries. sitar. avea. sanford. sanford deli. REFECTORY. mmmhmmm. secret tower room. dasani. fries. kids tortilla. pub quiz. that really good smelling tree. rdu. haha. my american cell phone. voicemails. drunk dials. birthday dinners. 21st bdays. witnessing 21st bdays. theme parties. theme drinks. wine nights. white zinfandel. my new corkscrew. baking. grilled cheese. macncheese w/tuna. buying books. barnes. duke hats. rainbows. watching duke bball on dan's big screen. being annoyed by poker. watching ty play wii. watching movies on dan's big screen. when he's not there. haha. cake. mad hatter's. chai tea. chai's. thai cafe. fried rice from pao lim. ashtanga yoga. standing in line for games. in my sleeping bag. kville. towerview. fuqua experiments. waduke trail. waduke food. waduke bar. the asian guy who was the best at doing my nails. driving to the belmont. pumping gas. driving to central. being driven to central. walking on central. parties. walking through the gardens on the phone with ashley as i head to her apt. brunch at elmo's. foster's. dinner at ihop. costco. thrift store shopping with kirly and waterhouse. kirly's obsession with cosmic. GFH. im-ing DukeRef. DukePlays. acapella. watching laguna w/calen. tanning w/wint and KJ. pink and white duke notebooks. firelane. 9th street. top of the hill. franklin st. hating roy williams. loving and defending marty pocius. missing rick's. rick's latenight. rick's brunch. ordering grace's hungover. dragon gate. chow fun. sleepovers. desperate housewives. getting ready to go out while wint watches grey's. AD marathons. entourage. mango smoothies. shoe dept at nordstrom. trying on jeans. hiding stuff i bought. returning stuff i bought. cheesecake factory. godiva chocolate cheesecake. chapel at night. east. running to east. in the rain. lifting. with the wm boys. making the boys do yoga. =) sam being better than me. summers on central. summer classes. ty driving to trent. ty driving. heather driving. and getting $10 of gas. getting ID-ed. X's on my hands. wristbands. spice street. watching rachel ray. and big head. watching movies. movie nights. freewater films. walk of shame stories. alpine bagels. awkward convos. the youngns. the oldns. brodhead's ball. dressing up. fancy dinner nights. ordering grace's nights. blue zone walks. drive/bus rides of shame. charlene's. saferides. rdu at the buttcrack of dawn. nasher. nasher lunch. wint honking so i'd put clothes on. my room's "front door". bathroom shower convos w/winty. ty chilling in the room. dmos drunk dancing. hotboxed. the stinky basement. galbi nights. mandoo. delicious mandoo. fudgesicles. breakfast for dinner. duke mornings. leaving bostock at 7am. all nighters. writing in wanny commons. free food. whole foods. panera runs w/ty. gym w/wint. seeing ashley at the gym. track boys in short shorts. kirly's english. aim in class. chicken salad from saladelia. brownies. break and bake cookies. bringing john leftovers. mangina threats. manthigh. free donuts. ldoc. quad stuff. walking back from rick's. walking back from wanny. green zone parking. mt. fuji. tosca's. another thyme. seriously, SEMIs. pregaming. prepregaming. afterparties. afterafterparties. swearing never to do it again. bouncers. reading. for class. all the time. hiliting. buying hiliters en masse. grey backpack. white chocolate mochas from trinity. steamers w/skim. peach sunsets. studying in trinity. MP brunch. MP waffles. MP grilled cheese. my gf lilly. concerts in baldwin. kirly's room of wonder. kirly's leather jacket. and backpack. waterhouse playing pingpong. funny stories. communal shower stories. pulsar. meeting at the bus stop. flava of love marathons. when i should be writing finals. friends marathons. laundry. waiting for the bus. waduke desserts. golf. durham at night. buying pingpong balls. racing to get drinks before 11pm/2am. wine runs in the middle of wine night. the cat riesling. RELAX. random meals. loop fries. wint bringing me surprises. ordering stuff online. loving my packages. pictures. my wall. fake golf dates. when my sister visits duke. when i visit boston. driving wint's car. drive-in movies. not knowing how to pump gas. jimmy john's. bbq chips. blue devil shakes from quenchers. vitamin water after the gym. my pink yoga mat. the good ellipticals. the teeny indoor track. ab workouts w/ashley/calen. being victimed. circle chairs. my comfy chair. my nook. harboring. talking wint to sleep. quitting aim. chick-fil-a. baking biscuits w/heather. roommate beirut. bringbacks. reracks. overtimes. cookout shakes. cookout runs. wendy's runs. cookout nuggets. abc stores. fuddruckers. yummo. triangle mixers. the i'm taller than you game. being coquettish. el rodeo. brightleaf square. toreros. scallops. wint's risotto. wint's gnocchi. predicting other ppl's orders. CPK. five guys. firebirds. prime rib. =9 group dinners. small dinners. chosunOK. dimsum. pho on sat/sun. coconut bubble tea, no bubbles. sprite w/a shot of coconut. korean movies. MPDU. BUILD. driving around durham. qshack.

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lydia said...

you miss being coquettish? but you ARE coquettish!! ;)

i miss YOU.