Monday, September 10, 2007

my adorable students

so, i clearly forgot to write about how adorable my little kids are. firstly, this is my favorite one. (unni- i know you read this - don't worry, hannah, joah, and noah are still my ultimate favorites forever!)

in one of my first grade classes there is a little boy who i swear is a tiny baby angel from up above. he is just PRECIOUS. like a teensy weensy adorable person. first off, whenever we have to talk in class, he ABSOLUTELY HAS to hold the teacher's hand. so anyway, during our lining up and saying one english sentence he just takes my hands in his and looks down. so i kneel down in front of him and he bends his head even more. so i slowly goad him in korean "just say one sentence, ANY sentence" and finally he lifts his head up a little and says in korean "teacher, no matter how much i try and try i just can't speak english at all. i'm sorry ...." and literally my heart BROKE into pieces bc he was so precious.

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