Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Learn vs. Run

so i begin every class with a short review of last week's lesson. an adorable anecdote from today:

ME who remembers what we LEARNED LAST WEEK???
ME hmm? who remembers what we LEARNED LAST WEEK??? (huge arm motions backwards to signify chronological past)
COTEACHER what's last week? we learned last week, last week is 지난주 (in korean)
STUDENTS :blank stares:
COTEACHER what is LUHN? we luhn-ed "luhn" (bless her heart, this is how she pronounced it)
STUDENTS 달리기! 달리자! 뛰어라! (in korean:racing! let's race! RUN!)

aww, i love my kids and i love my coteachers. they are all so sweet and amazing. (despite what i said in yesterday's post about the "establishment" - the actual ppl i deal with everyday are amazing) c'est la vie.

thank you for the love everyone. i didnt realize that my 하소연 would be so well-received. i am very much appreciative of the support and encouragement i've been receiving in response to yesterday's events. i AM trying to keep my chin up and stay positive. =) thank you!

I am totally loving the love. <3

(many teaching pictures on my picasa - http://picasaweb.google.com/christinexp)

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