Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ummmmm totally FREAKING OUT

ok, so today is the day arirang tv (korea's english education channel) is filming my class. so it's a good thing i got here 2 hours early bc ummmm MY FREAKING OVERHEAD PROJECTOR IS MISSING!!!! HALF my class is based on my overhead projector working seamlessly with my powerpoint presentations. i am frantically calling my english head teacher and cool messenger-ing with the tech guy who first asks if i LOCKED my classroom before i left? OF COURSE I LOCKED MY CLASSROOM BEFORE I LEFT. THEN he tells me that 5-3 told him that they took it for cleaning. so i start messengering wiht 5-3 and they keep teling me i'll get it back TOMORROW by 4th period. OH WELL THAT HELPS YOU STUPID KOREAN COUNTRY. all the while i'm getting more and more anxious bc the CLOCK IS TICKING. at least i just found out i dont have to film until 11:50. anyway, OMG so my teacher is calling. plus the 6th grade "reporters" just got here. I HATE KOREA SOMETIMES. ok, so anyway iw as frantically MESSENGERING ppl IN MY BROKEN KOREAN WHICH IS ONLY GETTING WORSE BECAUSE IM TRYING TO TYPE FAST BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO CARE THAT I FEEL SOMETHING URGENT!!!!. so 5-3 just keeps saying tha oh we talked to the head english teacher and she said its ok so there's nothing we can do about it. and then my english teaher is not reasonding to any of my messages. and FINALLY she just messaged me back from the teachers office and then im all freaking out and trying to use my polite korean to get across my urgent pissed off annoyed message. and she just called to tell me, cant i just use the projector in the english zone and not inthe classroom? and im trying to explain to her how the classroom is what keeps the children focused, and how they ahve enough trouble trying to apy attn from their desks without the added distraction that is the english zone with al the dolls and props and them just sitting on the floor poking at each other. and FINALLY she explains to me, oh we're not filming ur whole 40 minutes class, just 10-15 minutes in the english zone. i thought you were only using the english zone. i thought i told you. NO YOU DID NOT TELL ME NO YOU DID NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT TELL ME. i was frekaing out this whole time about having to do my whole 40 minute class w/o a projection screen and setting up the classroom and getting everything REady and NOW you tell me that its only 10-15 minutes and only my english zone activity. and all the wind rushes out of me. im done. spent. and i still have an hour to go before my awesome rendering of pretending to love my school (which i normally do, just not right now) and acting otu this stupid skit with the korean students (ok i know i'll feel horrible about writing that later) but right now i dont care. i was hoping there would be less of this "misunderstanding" "miscommunication" junk bc i speak a little korean, but i guess this is what all the past ETAs were talking about when they complained about last minute changes and whatnot. blah. im so sorry to the others who dont speak any korean. i cant even imagine how much worse it is. I HATE KOREA AND THIS CONCEALING OF INFORMATION FROM ME. AND I HATE THAT I STILL DONT KNOW HOW MY CLASSES ARE GOING TO BE SUPPOSED TO BE RUN. GAAAHHHHHHHHHH

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Amelia said...

*hugs* Your Korean is great. It's more cultural than communication I think. As in their gossip network works so well they figure everyone knows everything about everything, without explicitly telling you anything :P

I bet you're gonna be great though! You're a natural wonderful person.