Tuesday, September 11, 2007


yesterday during a teacher workshop one of my teachers told me that she had her students write essays about me after our first class. she said i was so lucky bc most of them wrote that the new english teacher is so pretty. =) awwwww hehe

buuuuuuuuuut a bunch of my students YESTERDAY told me "you are not cute" and "you have a big head and small eyes" so that was not nice. but they were a little older boys so i'm going to think they were jsut giving me a hard time.

also, im learning that as concrete and manageable as i tried to make my powerpoint introduction, the students are still lost on a lot of things. first of all, one of my boys thought i was from INDIA. mostly he said bc i was dark-skinned and wore 2 toe rings, which he has learned indian women are wont to do. they aer all still confused to whether i am korean and if i am from america despite my sharing photos of my korean family and maps of america with giant stars where i am from.

also, last week, i would ask "who is korean? raise your hand if you're KOREAN" - usually my teacher and i were the only ones who would raise our hansd - at which point we would just look at each other and laugh before she translated what i meant and then ALL hands shot up and looked at me suspiciously.

OMG. MY TEACHER AND PRINCIPAL JUST COOL MESSENGER-ED ME and I WAS IN TWO PAPERS TODAY!!! hehe yayyy!!! they're local, but apparently EVERYBODY in "cheongju" reas them (or so they tell me)!!! hehe one is even in color. i'll try to upload them later. =)

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