Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've been so lucky lately.

Lately I've been trying this new thought experiment. Anytime I get annoyed or start to get annoyed by someone or something I try to turn it into a "how lucky am I?" situation.

For example, a few weeks ago this handicapped wheelchair guy was slowing down my bus and making me late to my orthodontist appointment. In NYC, the buses have this foldout ramp that lifts the wheelchair onto the bus and then the driver has to strap the wheelchair into the designated seat area.

Anyway, even though it makes me sound horrible, the truth is that I was annoyed by this process slowing down my bus. Then I DECIDED to think about how lucky I was for being able to walk and for being mobile and independent and how I shouldn't take that for granted.

I say "decided" because it's truly a conscious choice I need to make to feel that way. If you know me at all I'm truly not the world's most patient person and annoyance is probably my most frequent negative emotion.

One more example: I get really annoyed by tourists both on my commute and just actually in NYC. But this morning I saw the sun shining on the NYC skyline and I couldn't help but smile. I get to come to this, the greatest city in the world, one of the top must see tourist destinations in the world. I get to come here everyday. I used to actually live here for three years.

It's a rather small change in my thinking - but it's been making a world of difference.  Try it: "I'm so lucky."  (Best done with a smile and a slight exhale/sigh hehe).

Honest to God, I don't know if this is why, but I've seriously been a MUCH happier person in the past few weeks.  I'm hoping it's this and sticking with it =D

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Lydia said...

it is pretty amazing how much of our thoughts and attitudes are manipulable by conscious choice. thanks for this reminder. :)