Wednesday, April 2, 2008

happiness is earned.

sometimes. perhaps usually.

yesterday could've been really bad. especially after tuesday's swimming letdown it could've been disastrous and life-changing.

but what would be the point in that? it's more fun to laugh at life and "take the bull by the horns" (doing animal idioms with teachers). soooo i get to school to find my computer is DEAD!!! it turns on and then there is some korean error message and then the desktop has NOTHING on it. NOTHING to click, no start menu, NOTHING!!!

and of course i have my first 1st grade class in 10 minutes and an open demo class 2nd period. gahh!!! hehe. so i called the head english teacher who called the tech teacher and they both came. luckily my classroom is superawesome and has 3 brand new computers just chilling on the side. so they swapped a new one into my desk but it has NO programs. just the internet.

so head english teacher is running to the office to see if we can cancel or move the open class and i'm running to the 2nd grade wing to get the files for class via USB. the video clips we're using are too big for my teeny weeny 512mb USB and also for the teacher's 1 gb. (go figure). she tries to email. too big for email. anyway somehow finally 20 minutes before OPEN class (we moved the 1st grade class to 3rd period) i get all the files to find that POWERPOINT isn't installed on my comp. (no MS office).

somehow we make it through open class smiling and in one piece. it's one of my veteran teachers (the scary one, although she IS growing on me-more on that later) so we made it work.(tim gunn was in my head "MAKE IT WORK!") so crisis averted. good.

sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. not everything is a doomsday indicator. and i know there's def at least one person who would love to hear that i'm starting to lose my "doomsday mode" (so quoted).

stuff like this is only going to KEEP on happening. and you can't let every single one get under your skin (or get to you-there are so many idioms on my mind!).

on the whole, despite the swimming setback and the computer 사껀 (incident), this week is still in the positives. i've been a LOT busier than i have been and although it's kept some of my lesson planning kindof paltry, and i haven't been as prepared this week as i normally am (forgetting books at home and last night i didn't even get to OPEN my bag and connect my USB to do work!), it's def rating on the positive scale.

Smile. (I'm watching!) haha so creepy!

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