Tuesday, April 15, 2008

more outlets. more christine. more pink.

i've been updating a lot lately. AND writing in my real world journal (like actually using a pen on paper). and i found a new outlet for my thoughts. TUMBLR. it's great.

i will continue posting longer (marginally) more coherent entries here. and my tumblelog will be more stream of consciousness and updated with things i read and things i see that i like as they kindof happen.

it's just a totally different interface and i kindof like it. i also like being able to finally organize my thoughts better. one place for my random thought bubbles and "ooh" moments. and blogger for my longer sit-down and think about issues.

like they say on their website, blogging is like my journal and tumbling(?) is like scrapbooking.

if you are so inclined, follow my thoughts, in all its forms, here, on my tumblelog, as well. (that was a million commas).

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