Sunday, April 13, 2008

a "year off"

i find it funny/amusing how ppl keep referring as my year in korea as my "year off" before law school because (and this blog attests to that) it is pretty much anything BUT. i keep being told how i lucky i am that i get to relax and "play with little kids" but it's so much more intense and stressful than i think law school will be so far yet.

let me break it down:
law school = oasis from real world. studying, outlining, reading classes is something i enjoy. other ppl think it's stressful and a lot of effort but i love stuff like this. college was 4 years of fun. and that INCLUDES all the reading and studying and writing and testing i did.

real world = boss and stuff, i do not like. i hate working for money. i hate earning it. it's so undignified. and i dont meant that in a like, i dunno, weird aristocratic way (or is that exactly what i mean??). i know my dad does it and i totally appreciate it, but there's something so uncouth about money. i just don't want anything to do with it or have to deal with it.

life would be so much better if i could just study forever.

since i was young, i've wished to be able to study forever. i would tell my mom i wanted to be a scholar in ancient greece and wished that i had been born then. like plato or aristotle or someone, i wish i could've had a wealthy patron and just sat around thinking and talking all the livelong day. and all my mom said was, "that's a stupid wish. if you were born in ancient greece you'd be treated like a servant girl slave and just get married off and have babies and you wouldn't even know how to read." so i think that was one of those times when "mother knows best."

what i wanted to be

what i would have been


grayshifter said...


God bless the 21st century!

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