Monday, April 7, 2008

tis my birthday!!!

and i almost forgot!!!

i woke up and after my shower i was laying out an outfit with my new green dress ... and then i remembered!!! i ALWAYS wear ridiculous amounts of *PINK* on my birthday!!! so i had to change my outfit to my new pink dress. and i know i have a cold but i had to wear it. also, i don't think anyone at school is aware that today is the celebration of the anniversary of my birth. but i kindof like it that way. it keeps me grounded. (is this what normal people's birthdays are like?)

also, i can TELL it's my birthday because today is PERFECT!!! the weather is perfect, it's neither too hot nor too cold. my first class was a no-show. AND i have all these "presents" from fate in my classroom. FIRRRST BAM KAZAAM i have a new beam projector!!! it's amaaazing. you can see everything so clearly even WITH all the lights on and the windows open.

ok, let me explain. my original overhead projector was kinda shoddy. like we would turn off all the lights and cover the windows with feltboards and the picture was still not clear. FINALLY after the english teachers cotaught classes with me AND the principal and VP watched us do an open class with the crappy projector they greenlighted a new one with better picture. and it was all set up and perfect for today!

also, my head english teacher comes in and is like oh did you see? and i'm like YES the projector is awesome!!! and she's like NO we got you water!! and i was like waaaaait nooooo waaaaay... (remember this entry?) and lo and behold in the english "zone" (my 2nd classroom) there's a BRAND new water cooler and there are even 2 brand new full water jugs next to it. i'm so psyched. i can have cold water!!! and i dn't have to boil nasty bathroom faucet water to drink anymore!!! YESSS!!!

and the karmic birthday got better and better. they FINALLY took away the huuuuge TV in the front of my room that i never used and now i have a WHOLE lot more space. and the cute science teacher came to take it away and i was all like woohoo cute science teacher! this'll give me an excuse to go thank him. haha. anyways, i'll take pictures tomorrow and post.

also, exhausted from awesome birthday bash with the girls. so will post later. but life is good. (as always). and this is from an acquaintance of mine from college, but "my life is perfect, even when it's not" and i am so so thankful for that. *^^*

(still beaming!)

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