Monday, April 21, 2008

weekend travels


this was a busy busy weekend. i hit up 3 cities on sunday!
it started with saturday, heading to gumi to help jess with her orphanage project. it was a huuuge success (i believe!) and the food was yummy and the kids were fun to see again!

then i headed off to daegu with a few of the 'gu girls and met up with laura and lydia and five of us ended up staying at a hotel together for the night and doing lots of girl talk. =)

next, sunday morning woke up in daegu, train to yeongcheon, wander around and take pics in laura's shigol town. then bus to gumi and meet up with joan for dinner. jess and ray come join us and we all watch the wire and hang out.

oh, best story ever. haha. so joan's hostdad gives us money and beer to order chicken with. so i decided that we HAVE TO HAVE some goldfingers. and so we called her local bbq's and they were out. so then we called a 2nd one and they were out, too. so the LAST one we called FINALLY said they had it. and i told him i HAD to have them but he wouldn't deliver to us because it was "illegal" for him to enter another bbq's territory. so we walked 20 minutes to the edge of our "territory" to meet him and yea. we did. everyone was such a good sport about it. but then the goldfingers were NOT GOLDEN CRUNCHY DELICIOUS!!! grr!!!

buuuuuuuut i got back today and went to my first swim lesson!!! and my swim instructor is sooooo cute and has an amaaaaaaazing body!!! and he's way fun and a good teacher and i'm so excited for 8 more days of him!!! hehe phone with ashley now so will update again!

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