Monday, April 28, 2008

latest and not so greatest

FIRST google image search result of typing in "mehh"

quick summary.

friday - swimming lesson began with more bad news. all swimming instructors fired bc boss is crazy. happiness of my life effectively destroyed.

saturday - day trip to daejeon national museum of science with maia

sunday - nails date with maia, head up to seoul to see my family (stuffed for dinner and dessert-fed more food than i've eaten in the past week combined). get phone call of LIFE. due to crazy korean ajumma rioting swimming instructors have been hired back!!! lessons will resume!!!

monday - more food with family. severance for hospital-type appointments. disappointed by non-english ability of specialist doctors and IHCC's suckiness of providing me a translator (ROSA, WHERE ARE YOU!?!?). get Qtips rammed up my nose and chided for crying. return home for simple dinner (made by me) of cheese sandwich (not even grilled!) *sadness*

this week:
tuesday - no classes. "picnic" day. following 2nd grade to daejeon ZOOLAND. hmm... swim lesson!!!
wednesday - only full day of classes
thursday - no classes: "sports day." massage appt at 1pm. then swim lesson.
friday - no regular classes. only english camp in the afternoon.

starting to feel downtrodden and beaten down again. MUST KEEP PINK LILLY PULITZER DRESS IN MIND for happiness. MUST REMEMBER LV BAG as light at end of tunnel for surviving this mess. MUST REALIZE KOREA MIGHT BE an exercise for me in humility. many updates in draft stages. promise publishing soon.

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