Wednesday, April 2, 2008

if you hear

about an english teacher in korea who threw a kid out a window ... check my 1-2 class for casualties first...


I have NEVER and i really mean NEVER yelled at a class before. much less on the first time i ever meet/see them.

this class is NUTS. out of control. enthusiastic and energetic. ESPEcially compared to 1-1 who is just before them and sooooo calm by comparison.

even the teacher can't keep them under control. what a rambunctious little group. wow. i might start eating a bunch of sugar in preparation for that class. AND whip out the mean stick.

i GLARED at them. a LOT. and YELLED. i have NEVER yelled before and only glared possibly 5 times. MAX. geez. hopefully they're the worst ones. and theirs is the only class like that. HOPEFULLY.

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