Tuesday, April 22, 2008


let me warn you, don't get me mad at you. i'm pretty much the most vengeful, spiteful person i know.

so, clearly my last entry shows i was pretty upset at my homestay mom. so last night i wracked my brains for how to "get back" at her... and here are my top ideas. (okay, my ONLY ideas). you can judge for yourself just how very mean and vengeant i can be.

1. leave my power surges turned on 24/7. early last fall they asked me to turn off the surge strips when i'm not using them/not at home bc electricity is charged on a graduated scale and all devices suck up power even when they're turned off. MUAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

2. start running the washing machine EVERY DAY with one pair of underwear inside on a FULL cycle. (thus charging them for electricity and water- ECONOMICS is the new nuclear weapon!)

3. eat tomatoes and strawberries in front of her until i enter anaphylactic shock. (except this is more one of those "hmm joke's on ME" kind of things so i ruled it out)

4. and yea that's where i ran out of brilliant ideas.

now, i was going to laminate some small things and decided NOT to waste a full A4-sized laminating sheet and use "hand coating film" instead because you can cut it to the size you want and not waste a whole sheet of it. buuuuuuuut i went to sign into my "attendance record thing" punch work card thing since i was in the 교무실 anyway and i got all annoyed!!! annoyed that my VP insists i come in early to sign in and that i have to 인사 every day even when they barely acknowledge or care for my existence. SOOOO, instead of getting mad I GOT EVEN.

that's right, i put away my hand coating film, and i took out a FULL brand new sheet of laminating film (from the OFFICE's supply not my OWN laminating film from my classroom!), and LAMINATED the whole sheet to get 3 little cards (probably 1.5" x 2" each). HAAAAAHAHAHAHA. i basically wasted a WHOLE sheet of laminating film!!! TAKE THAT, NAMSUNG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SUPPLY BUDGET!!!

okay, on a more serious note, i'm gonna channel some momma lim here and say, the best revenge, is to go on living a happy and fulfilling life doing what i love doing and being the best that i can be. and THAT is the best revenge of all- to let GO of the negative energy, not letting it drain me, and just being happy and wonderful and ME!!! so i'm gonna try that on for size, since clearly my future as a brooding dark character plotting my lifelong quest for revenge is not too promising. =)

this is not me:

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경아 said...

your ideas are so innocent. hehe. you're definitely not the meanest person you know... u know ME!

but boo on your hs mom. =[

miss ya christine!