Thursday, April 24, 2008

stop touching!!!

ok, a little sidenote: so i thought of 2 more revenges.

1. flush the toilet. all the time. but after doing this 2x i realized the only REAL thing i was hurting was the earth. too much collateral environmental damage. so i stopped. (and won't be doing the other things either.

2. learning to play the piano in my bedroom. WITH MY ELBOWS. hehe.

ok and now back to the topic at hand: STOP TOUCHING!!!
ok, numero uno, little kids are gross. they are germy, and grimy, and dirty, and snotty, and capital G-ROSS!!!

2nd, WHY DO THEY INSIST ON TOUCHING MY THINGS/MY DESK/ME??? i HATE it. i don't get it. since WHEN is it ok/allowed/acceptable to just OPEN up the teacher's desk and start rummaging through? THIS happens with ALL my kids. not just one grade, or gender (although the girls are worse than the boys). i HATE it. it's so nosy and annoying. they're PERFECT AJUMMAS IN TRAINING!!! UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

it's just so RUDE. it's MY desk. it's MY classroom. but they're ALWAYS rummaging. going through my nametag boxes. going INTO my desk and rummaging. it's just GROSS, and UNCIVILIZED, and DISGUSTING. i don't know. am i overreacting? i mean, yea it makes sense bc they're ajummas in training. but i'm their TEACHER. this is MY desk. PLUS they just comment on everything and ask a million questions. AND comment on, "your ID pictures is so pretty. but in real life you are not." and i just wanna be like "yea because of your nasty country and your nasty water and air pollution. eat poop and die" but then i realize that is not usually considered an appropriate response.

anyway, i could've done a much better job with this topic. but i'm so distracted right now. and i realized i SHOULD be in the 교모실 making copies of this afternoon's worksheets. oops, oh well.

p.s. whenever i see my kids OUTSIDE of the classroom i say, "hello, little darlings" and i MEAN it. but somehow IN my classroom it all changes... but i guess i must've been like that, too...

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FulbrightKorea said...

That's interesting. I smile at them in the classroom and don't acknowledge them as they race after me on the walk home...or anywhere. And I hear you on the touching. I told them that if they do that in America, they would die. HAHA.

Thanks for the comment. I had a shitty day, and grandma at home is ticking me off. I hope you feel better and things work out with your bitchy Hmom. That's totally ridiculous. I feel for you.