Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ameri카 (engrish!)

Class 1-1 Cloud family members (as told by students)
아빠 구룸
엄마 구룸
색기 구룸 (오잉???)
correction: 아기 구룸

student 1: 선생님, 운전해요? (teacher, do you drive?)
me: yes, in america
student 2: 뭐레? (what did she say?)
student 1: 응, 운전하신데, "어메리 카"라고 하셨어 (yes, she drives, she said Ameri Car.)

(2nd grade lesson on breakfast, lunch, dinner foods in america)
breakfast: cereal, toast, bacon and eggs, omelet, french toast, pancakes
lunch: bagel, sandwich, salad, hot dog, pizza
dinner: steak, spaghetti, roast beef, meatloaf, chicken
me: okay, so those are some of the foods we eat in america
student 1: what about rice? you don't eat rice?
me: mm, no not really, not at every meal
student 1: so just 고기 (meat) and 밀가루 (flour)?
me: yes
students (to each other): ohh, that's why they (americans) are so fat!!!

me: what is roast beef?
student: 고기 떵어리 (hunk o meat)

me: what are string beans?
student answers: 고추, 오이, 깨잎, 당근, 지렁이, 고슴도치 (pepper, cucumber, sesame leaf, carrot, worm, porcupine...)

teacher workshop today: post-food lesson
teacher a: miss christine, so you REALLY eat eggs and bacon for breakfast?
me: yes, sometimes
teacher b: they go together?
me: YES!!!
teacher c: and you eat omelets, too? eggs and cheese and ham?
me: YES!!! (mmmmm~)
teacher d: and you can NOT digest KOREAN food for breakfast?

teacher english workshop: listen and fill in the blanks of "wonderful tonight" by eric clapton
after filling in the blanks, listening to the song several times, and discussing the meaning line by line, my teachers came to this conclusion: first they thought it was a sweet love song, but then you REALIZE that clapton is very 답답해 (frustrating) because he only 마음 만있어 cares about the woman in his heart but doesn't show it in his actions or words. they decided he clearly doesn't show her his appreciation bc the woman keeps asking him "do i look all right?" and "do you feel alright?" and if she has to ask, then he's being very annoying by not telling her. then they say this part: "And the wonder of it all Is that you just don't realize how much I love you. " is NOT a wonder (mystery) at all because of COURSE the woman can't realize if the guy is not TELLING her and she has to wait and ask him point blank. they decided eric clapton is an idiot(바보). this somehow took me to explaining that he was somewhat drunk by the end of the night (his "aching head" and she took the keys) which led to me teaching "to have a hangover" and "to be hungover". it was a very interesting class.

tomorrow is the thanksgiving/turkey/thankful lesson with 1st graders that i planned from start to finish!!! can't wait!!!

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