Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boys=Shoes (reflective and deep) *^^*

So I was walking to school the other day, looking at my shoes/feet because I tend to do that ... admire my own clothing that is. And I had a deep and epiphanical moment, Boys are just like Shoes. You see, I have these new navy blue ballerina-ish flats with double mary-jane straps across the top (see picture above) and I LOVE them. Like really really love them. I think more than I loved my pink suede argyle slip-ons (they sound weirder than they actually looked). I LOVE these shoes. I’m already considering getting a second pair bc I will need one when these wear out (and you think I won't want them anymore but I regret NOT buying a 2nd “backup” pair of my pink slip-ons every day!!!).

Anyway, back to the boys are like shoes metaphor. I’ve realized that despite my growing collection of shoes here in Korea, I consistently choose to wear these navy blue flats. To school and most other places. They are, in a word, perfect. They look great with everything: jeans, skirts, shorts, capris, casual clothes, dressy clothes, going out clothes. And they are super duper comfortable. I could hike in these if I weren’t afraid of ruining the beautiful little pentagonal kitten heel.

So my point is, I have lots of other shoes, and I know I won’t stop buying more BECAUSE of these navy flats. It’s nice to have variety. They do say it’s the spice of life. Sometimes you need a brown satin pointy shoe with glistening metallic stiletto heel. Other times you need that black patent leather pump. Sometimes I love my espadrilles – they’re so European and summery!~ And every girl (no, seriously, EVERY GIRL) needs her sultry black FM boots. A shoe for every mood/outfit/event nearly; that’s how I roll.

But even with all this variety, all you REALLY need to survive is that one perfect pair that goes with everything. This pair makes you feel both comfortable AND fabulous. They’re your go-to pair. They make you feel stable, secure, beautiful, down-to-earth; all these things without making me feel like I’m pretending to be something I’m not. Because the others (shoes), they’re all part of a get-up. They go with particular “outfits” because they help create that persona. That’s exactly what a good outfit is really, a coordinated representation of a fluid idea. And so all those other shoes, “spoc” shoes (SPecial OCcasion), limited use/wear shoes, those are all just reflective of one (or at best, a few) sides of my personality. If I want to feel sexy I wear the highest heels and tightest boots. If I want to look trendy I have the sweet little ruched ankle boots. If I want to look preppy I have my immaculate white tennis sneakers. Etc. But if I want to be me, I just pull out the trusty perfect navy Mary Janes.

This is what boys are like. It’s nice to have a lot of boy acquaintances and friends. Ones that answer to the various vanities in me. Some boys are fun for when I want to chill (play videogames, watch basketball, order pizza in our sweats). Others are perfect for going out to clubs and bars together; they have the right clothes and navigate that scene more comfortably than I ever could and drag me along with them. Other friends have certain exact food tastes as me. I have a few fancy food/restaurant friends … and a few Mexican $2 quesadilla friends. Some boys are just cute and flirty and make me blush with all their open compliments. Others know just how to make me smile when I’m crying and down on myself. And so, like shoes, there are boys for every occasion.

But the only one that matters for life, is the one that is perfect for me. Not perfect in the movie-love way. I know we’ll fight and I’ll drive him crazy and he’ll drive me crazy and I’ll doubt him and I’ll doubt myself and so on and so forth. Sometimes I’ll get bored and go on a stint of something different. But perfect as in the only one I’ll remember and want, whether it’s sunny or it’s cloudy and storming, the one that is my steady companion through good and bad and everything in between. Boys are like that. You need variety and diversion now and again for a healthy anything. But variety just provides options (not in the harsh way this sounds). I don’t mean I want to have many many shoes/boytoys for my many many moods. I mean that it’s good to have lots of different kinds of shoes/friends in your collection, but it’s important to stay loyal to the ONE perfect for me. Whether it’s shoes or boys, you really only need that one.

Like all of my shoes (here and in the shoe shelves back at home), I love all my guy friends. If you told me to pick my favorite, it’d be hard. Each serves its purpose and niche in my life. Okay, I’ll admit, I don’t NEED all those shoes and options, but they do make my life better. I love all of them, but I’m just saying, happiness can be found in the simple, familiar, and comfortable.

If I were going to submit this somewhere, I’d go through and tighten my writing up a little in places where’ it’s loose or strays. But it’s just for blogger, and it’s time to leave for dinner with my teachers, so I’ll leave it at this for now. If you disagree strongly or think something is wrong, you just misunderstood something I wrote. I guarantee you. It’s my own fault for not being more specific/concise with my words.


grayshifter said...

Ergo: my boyfriend = my black ballet flats.

If so, my knee-high fuck-me boots with 3-inch heels = who?


grayshifter said...

I used bad language!



lydia said...

dude... deep.

*gives a contemplative sigh*