Monday, November 19, 2007

mean teacher (grr)

today was a first for "mean teacher" christine. but it seems about right. one of the etas i was talking to last week yelled at her students for the first time. so maybe it's just a time thing until the students finally waer you down.

one of my teachers is on a business trip (출장). i actually am suspicious of that phrase bc ppl are ALWAYS on 출장s and i don't have nay idea where teachers need to go off to that often. but anyway, she messaged me yesterday to ask if i could handle her class alone this afternoon. normally they are pretty well-behaved (2nd place in star stickers) so i agreed. they arrive and all is well. class starts and all is pretty well. there is a grouping of 4 boys (i don't know why she hasn't separated them yet) who ALWAYS fool around and poke at each other and generally just don't do English class. Today they were out of hand, the girls were out of hand, in general everyone was talking and not paying attention and the little rascals had no 눈치 to tell i was getting in a worse and worse mood. i was scary (i think) - actually i probably wasn't bc they werne't really getting any better... and anyway i wasn't smiling the whole time and any time i faced the board away from them i was muttering under my breath "WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?"

it doesn't help that i'm always the "teacher" and the coteacher is always walking around disciplining during my classes. so i have no idea how to discipline or get them to stop talking or pay attention and their english is so limited that w/o the coteacher there to help (at least THEY usually have 눈치) it was ridiculous. i don' blame JUST the kids - i know i failed as a teacher today bc i have no classroom management skills ... and that's why i'm debating 1 or 2 stars. 2 stars bc they acted just average for a class w/o a homeroom teacher.

when class ended, i let them out one at a time by calling on them. the ones who were sitting down with all their materials in a pile on their desk were allowed to go. the little fools (oh i will regret this later) couldn't figure out (some of them until the very end still had no idea) that i was only calling on ppl sitting still at their desk not talking and kept jumping out of their seats and getting in line. i was sooo confused at how oblivious some kids are ... omg. anyway. that's my guilt for the day. i am so not in the mood right now for teacher wkshop and english camp. followed by some errands that i'm also not in the mood for but totally have to do.

also, ppl are being annoying again. jeeperz. it's all a black hole today. haha. imo said she's make one of my favorites for dinner tonight tho since i (re)decided last night that i'm probably dying. and she knows that there are too many annoying stupid ppl in the world. i don't care how i'm coming off right now. i'm an elitist and i know i'm in the smarter 50%ile on earth.

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