Sunday, November 25, 2007

winter roadtrips (nostalgia)

me on alligator at mooee outdoor art exhibit

with welcome to dongmakgol totem poles, on set!

me and hostsibs on set of welcome to dongmakgol

inside welcome to dongmakgol set kitchen

this weekend i went on a trip to 강원도 with the hostfam. it was supergreat. i got to eat a lot and sleep a lot. basically that is mostly what i did. we did sightseeing too. but mostly the eating and sleeping made it fantastic. it did, however, remind me loads of winters at home, mostly though, of last winter.

it has occurred to me that this will be my first winter spent away from home. EVER. i've been abroad in the summer, and at school during most summers and some springs. but ALWAYS ALWAYS home for the holidays!!! not this year tho. so the first snow here was odd (a few days ago last week). considering that i spend all my winters at home. winter = when it snows and i get to sit inside my house and watch korean dramas all day and say "no" to meeting ppl bc i feel that lazy. (darn you ppl who ACTUALLY come and drag me out - jp i love you the most!)

so anyways, this winter road trip from the past weekend ... reminded me of my two main drivings last winter: to and from home (duke to home and back) and ski trip staying at the baiks' house. and of COURSE those two drives reminded me of: my sister, ashley, skiing, baik bros, bbfl, chow fun, cherry tomatoes, nrb, beirut, and more. it reminded me of the hectic few days after finals packing and making sure i said bye to everyone before heading home. the early morning wakeup and drive home, stopping off in md for ashley. mosley and my singing most of the way back from md to nj. haha. that was fun. then surprising my mom by showing up at church (which turned out to be like 5 min from mosley's house where i dropped him off). then picking up my sister at the train station! then going to see hannah in the nutcracker the very next morning!~ then it reminded me of ashley coming to visit, going skiing, that nice cold air smell, my sweet pink ski outfit, walking around in underarmor, deeeeeeelicious hot cocoa, etc etc etc.

anyway, i'm getting too nostalgic, this would be a good time to focus on the "present" and work on teacher workshop english class lesson.

p.s. i have a sty(e). i am probs going to die. wish me luck.

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