Monday, November 12, 2007

joy of my life (good)

rosa and me in insadong waiting for joan unni: new earrings!!!

my mom and me on skype chat:
mommy:omg 가 뭐야? 네 일기를 읽을때마다 무슨뜻인지?
me:oh my god
mommy:진짜 오 마이 갓이다..

in english:
mommy: what is "omg"? every time i read your blog i wonder what it means?
me: oh my god
mommy: that really is "oh my god" (with an air of finality-hard to translate the meaning/tone apparent in the korean)

weekend: equals success - i was tired overall but did a lot of good stuff for *ME* .. got a little annoyed at some ppl i didnt even see and ppl who are miles away but it's ok - life is like that sometimes

so friday: i went to ochang w/the hostfam for hostsis high school interview at min's school so i called out minsuk who was a wonderful sport and showed imo all around the school and we got to meet a bunch of his students (so cute!) and i'm suuuuuch a fan of their uniforms!!! im gonna go steal my hostsis' blazer if she goes! we had lunch w/min and then came back home for family naptime. THEN we did our long-awaited girls' night out (me, hostsis, imo). we had dinner at riccone. went shopping for new clothes for hostsis (apparently her first time in OVER a year --- i can NOT even imagine what that would be like ...). then some light grocery shopping at homever. then we walked through a park i didnt know existed behind lotte plaza and got the ORIGINAL hodduk!!! overall it was a satisfying and fun day!

saturday: wake up and go to seoul. meet one of my 작은엄마s for quick cafe lunch then 4 back2back interviews for ED duke applicants. it was actually quite amazing. these kids were so accomplished and passionate and motivated and all that. i was totally wow-ed by their resumes. what really cheered me up tho was their bright-eyed optimism and how great they expected college to be. which is true - i LOVED my college and my college years (which is one reason i volunteered to do this) but at the same time it really put me through the wringer (is that the right expression?). as many wonderful opportunities that i had through which to grow, i had to jump through as many hoops and make as many hard decisions. i was so excited by their fresh-facedness ... hehe its rare that i get to think someone else is naive and innocent. after the 4 interviews i was pretty wiped and so happy to hear from an unni i knew from nj that she was getting back to her apt earlier than she had expected. so i met her and got to rest a lil at her apt while she went to pick up her dog ... her puppy reminded me soooo much of rocky i teared up and nearly cried ... we went out for dinner (OMG DELISSSSSSHHHHHHIOUS) then tea/coffee at SUCH a chic cafe, then jjimjjilbang for 2 diff kinds of massages and threading. it was quite the pampering myself experience. also it was so good to talk to an unni who had been here for a year (dealing w/diff language issues-she's a professional interpreter) and discuss all our issues and talking about our moms (we grew up together-so all know each other). we got done at 4am and turned in for the night pretty early in the morning (i love my cleverness)

sunday: wake up, get breakfast to go at the biggest freaking coffee bean in korea (3 stories PLUS valet parking!) (this might be one of the reasons i love apgu/kangnam). unni drove me to apgu subway stop so i can go meet rosa. yayyyy for meeting rosa. oh yea before that ... i was on the subway eating my bagel and i couldnt stop hiccuping!!! i was lucky enough to have a seat but the ajussi next to me kept readjusting and giving me strange looks every time i hiccupped!!! i thought maybe he thought i was a drunk ... hehe. sooooo i meet rosa in insadong and YAYYY she gave me 2 ginormous pepperos!!! haha mostly bc she wanted me to carry them around all day (oh how i missed our sadistic relationship!). we walk around/shop then joy of all joys meet joan unni for a quick free tea bit!! then rosa and i headed off to myeongdong to see about some more shopping. around 4:30ish i realize that i have not eaten lunch yet and i'm ridiculously tired!!! so i head back to express terminal to find me a bus home for some love from the hostfam. busride was uneventful except for the woman next to me whispering into her handbag ... i thought she was on the phone ... but as the bus driver turns off the light .... SHE WHIPS OUT A TEENSY WEENSY PUPPY!!!~ what if i was ALLERGIC??? that crazy useless korean woman (ugh i hate this about them - they are so inconsiderate) who had no consideration for rules/laws - can you take tiny little puppies on public transportation? anyway this one was NOT cute - it was one of those toy dogs that looks so useless and stupid and has no brain of its own cuz its so teeny. it was very well behaved - but i dont think it was that it was just too stupid to bark or move around or anything. ugh - i hate tiny little dogs ... gross. anyways traffic once we got INTO cheongju so we were liek 2 blocks away from the bus terminal for 30 minutes ... finally come home scarf down dinner and sleep.

today: school was pretty blech. it was a bad monday. maia and i got our flu shots at 2:30ish tho. at a pediatrician. hehe. so that was good. then maia came to visit and here is the damage from that:

maia being an adorable english student

me being pissed about other ppl's stuff in MYYYY storage space

me and maia being gossipy schoolgirls!

me and maia studiously discussing the english subject matter

that was a quick update. now back to interview evals. and english camp plans for the week =)

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