Wednesday, November 14, 2007

jus stuff (random)

another sign i'm a bad teacher: every class i see kids i could swear i've NEVER seen before in my life ... no they didn't transfer in. yes they've been here this whole time. and YES i think they look like pretty generic run of the mill asians and i wouldn't recognize them if you picked one up and hit me in the face with him/her/it/etc.

one good side effect (what is the correct word i'm looking for?) of my freezing cold classroom ... i can wear the most beautiful uncomfortable feet-killing shoes on the walk home and my feet have no idea what's going on.

i am a genius: i've started wearing TWO pairs of tights to school. YUP you heard me. one normal pantyhose type stocking, and a second thicker legging/cloth material type stocking (like actual stockings that victorian schoolgirls wore in 1905). yes i've started doing the double layer stocking to school ... and at first iw as like oh im not gonna be this much of a 할머니 and wear 2 layers of stockings ... but it's prob one of the best ideas i've ever had. it's SO much warmer than jus one or the other ... and it's what keeps me half alive/surviving my freezing cold school. i have never gone to a school where students wearing their winter coats INDOORS was necessary and/or NORMAL. they also wear gloves/mittens/hats/fleeceblanketjacketcapes(only in korea?)/bring handwarmers of the type we take when we go skiing ... this is ridiculous. korea needs to speed up to 21st century and heat my school better!!!!

i PROMISE tomorrow i'll finally post my boys=shoes essay. other more pertinent (to me) stuff keeps coming up.

and the thrilling topic to another short essay i've started: how my dog, rocky, taught me about love like jesus/god love

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Amelia said...

I cannot wait to read the boys=shoes one