Sunday, November 25, 2007

thanksgiving in korea

last year's spread (minus candied yams)

me, post-thanksgiving last year

so seeing the first snow here, and realizing ppl were going home for tday break and i was going to have to WORK, well, that was a little over the top. luckily, i am a super duper trooper and made a lil substitute thanksgiving on my own. in addition to thanksgiving lunch/dinner at the us ambassador's house the saturday before (which was good, and by all means i am so grateful ... but just not as delicious as thanksgiving at my house). and the pumpkin pie was not up to par. sorry, but i am pretty picky when it comes to thanksgiving food.

maia cutting up some more bread to satiate minsuk's stuffing love

me + "yams" (sweet potatoes)

the spread: stuffing, broccoli w/almonds, mushroom gravy, chicken&cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes

the boys: me: min picture! min: i'm eating

hostfam's "first" "thanksgiving"

nytimes article: gratitude journal i think it sounds viable, i might try doing this in altered form

*You should be grateful all the time, they say, and one of the best ways is in writing — by keeping a “gratitude journal.”
* keeping a list of things you’re thankful for can make you happier

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