Thursday, November 1, 2007

randoms (good)

me and wint at duke bball game jan 07

so here's something i've been meaning to post and keep forgetting, i got an email from duke and i volunteered to be an INTERVIEWER for duke applicants from KOREA!!! isn't that cool!?!?!? i dunno ... i got really excited ... cuz i miss it so much and they said i'm NOT too young and they LOVE having young alum do interviews cuz we can answer questions about dorm/campus life more accurately so i dont know if i'd go to seoul for the interviews (i dont expect there will be many in my area) or waht but i'm pretty psyched. there is also a duke in korea alum dinner thing at the ritz carlton later this month and i'm really excited for that ... i dunno .. im pretty desperate for any duke action in my life right now ... the duke bball preseason is up and going and i'm soooo upset im not a part of it but oh well .. i knew that when i decided to come here ...

next, it's gotten so COLD recently! i've been wearing pantyhose (or in korean-pantystocking) under my pants to school every day this week .. i dont care if it's lame and oldladyish ... it's FREEZING at school ... i also wear thick knit socks in my classroom and my coat in between classes (sometimes during them too) and basically freezing and trying not to is my newest hobby.

wint me and ashley having dinner at tosca's spring 07

wint finally got the balls to call me on my skype number. hehe. that was something i did not mind waking up to. it was such a surprise and JOY to hear winty's voice!!! she's having her first med school interview tomorrow and im really excited for her and think she'll be greeeeeeeat. ashley has her first/only job interview next week and i'm so psyched for everyone at home doing exciting things in AMERICA ... haha im appreciating life in korea for what it is ... but i really can't wait to go back .. maybe next year i'll feel completely differnetly when it's time to leave but i kinda doubt it ... haha

sister mommy and me at jfk before going to germany aug 05

ok, another great story about my fams: so i told my mom i got cyworld and she was like OH REALLY WHATS UR WEBSITE I WANNA LEAVE YOU COMMENTS ... so i was like ok ok chillax and i emailed her my cyworld ... and the next day in school im bored so i'm searching for her on cyworld and i use her maiden name, her name with my dad's last name and 2 diffferent birthdays to search for her (in korea you dont have to register w/the govt until you go to school at 8 years old so lots of ppl have wrong info on their birth records) so i was searching under her "legal" birthday (since you need to register with your citizen # or passport # for cyworld) and also under her actual real birthdate. i founda BUNCH of matches and left ppl random messages that said "are you my 엄마?" which means "are you my mom?". WELLL, i talk to my mom on the phone later that night and here's what went down: (m=mom c=christine)

m: oh i went to your cyworld but i cant write on it
c: what why
m:i dont have cyworld
c: WHAT!??!? you do NOT have an acct and you thought you could USE it?
m: mm yes
c: what??? why that doesnt even make sense
m: i dont know, i dont have a cyworld, i cant make one bc i dont have a korean citizen #
c: yea i dont either (duh) just send them a picture of your passport
m: yea i dont want to. its too annoying. and then all my information is on the internet and anyone can see it
c: ummm yea but you can change the prefences so only ur friends can see it
m: yea it's too confusing
m: why are you yelling at me
m: really?
c: uhhh YES
m: HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA some ppl are gonna be freaked out

yes. this really happened. yes this is my life. haha i'm down for a quick nap before i'm off for the weekend. wish me luck.

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경아 said...

best cyworld story everrrrr. :) and i think it's sooo cool that you are going to be interviewing duke applicants. what a great face for duke :):)