Thursday, November 15, 2007

korea is too freaking small (observation)

so in korean dramas .... ppl ALWAYS run into each other ... mortal enemies, estranged lovers, your husband that you are cheating on, your cousin's boss's neighbor's hakwon teacher, etc. etc. etc.

i always thought this was such BS and false and such random drama stuff ... but i'm starting to think it's not so far-fetched. the 6 degrees of separation that "exist" in the world, i think in korea it's like 2 degrees. EVERYONE knows everyone, and i run into ppl all the time. korea is just THAT small a piece of land that running into someone you somehwat remotely know and will soon fall in love with and then give your left pancreas to bc they have cancer but they're carrying your brother's child is pretty probable.

examples that made me see the light:
*my family's last day in seoul we run into hyunji ajumma in insadong. we are jus walking down the street and she comes running out of a cafe to flag us down
*cheongju - i had dinner w/a teacher's friend on tues and the next day (wed) i run into her near 사창사걸이
*cheongju - same night, me and tom oppa run into franklin in the same area in the middle of the street
*half my students are my coteachers' children (there are 13 coteachers)
*my first little aunt graduated in the same high school class as my hostdad in kwangju (she came to pick me up for chuseok and as we drive away after insa-ing to my hostfam she's like, he looks really familiar, and i told her he's from kwangju her hometown and i talk to both of them and they graduated in the same year from the same HS)
*tom oppa's old VP from oksan is min's current principal whom i had lunch with on yonsei day
*i ran into tom oppa's old oksan coteacher in jeunesse
*cheongju- i was in the dressing room but maia saw (one of our) shoe oppa in subway shopping
*seoul - amelia and i were transferring subway lines and we ran into joan/bryan in subway
*c.arrozal from the Program met my friend from home rosa at severance where rosa's interning
*jamal's HS is across the street from my elementary school (we do lunch sometimes)
*hostsis is going to be a student at min's HS this coming school year
*we have three family friends from home all in cheongju(a most random city) (they take good care of me)
*hanging out with joan unni and rosa in insadong walking down the street we run into joan unni's 할머니 friend
*in busan me and jess run into 2 other ETAs (that we hadnt come with) on a street corner
*i run into teachers all the time downtown and near sachang
*running into some of tom oppa's students near sachang, actually i have yet to venture out in cheongju and NOT run into the other ETAs students ... i dont have that bc mine are so young i dont think most of them are allowed out there by themselves (i run into them all the time near my apt tho on my way to and from the gym and mart)

i'm sure the list will jus go on and on

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Amelia said...

One of Min's cousins is friends with this guy who dated the older sister of one of my good friends from high school. His friend knew one of my friends from SUNY Albany. He was also friends with someone else I went to high school with, who happens to be in Korea right now.

All in one night. Cause of Min.