Thursday, November 8, 2007

i am important

ok, so as i have previously blogged, i volunteered to do alumni interviews for current duke applicants in korea. so this weekend i will be interviewing 4 early decision students. anyway, in case they are super nerdy and/or committed (as they prob are-they're all international HS students and clearly very motivated/on top of their game) i google searched "christine lim duke" to see what they would see if they decided to research me ...

and graduating from college has made me much more prevalent on google searches ... before this i never got any real "hits" about me ... just other christine lims in singapore and cali and stuff like that. here are some of my sites: *^^* (they are not too exciting ... i'm just listed on my majors' department webpages)

this one im a little upset about ... one of my profs "miscalculated" my grade and didnt correct it (even after i emailed him and he said he would fix it ASAP) until after graduation and therefore i am under "cum laude" ... altho i am "magna cum laude". at least my diploma has it right! =) hehe altho i wanted my honor to be right in the program for other ppl that i "lost touch" with for "personal" reasons (aka we had a falling out) to see so i could say, "HA! eat that" .... yes i am mature .... i know

ok, hmm there may be a problem ... the last link on the 2nd page of my search is my blog. aka THIS. RIGHT HERE. i am going through and deleting any reference to "Duke" now.

ok ... google is creepily stalkerish and goes through and "captures snapshots" of your webpage randomly!!! jeeez ... so even after deleting my duke quote and other references ... my blog shows up in the search. oh, well. if i'm interviewing you on saturday and you're reading my blog, well, congrats for trying to be prepared - ppl like you do well at duke.

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