Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"king sorry" (adorable)

here come a bunch of adorable student stories. i'll update on my life and thoughts separately.

more STUV fun:
T is for Tea

me: what is tea in korean?
student answers: 우유, 물, 꽃, 삼뿌리, 컾, 멕주: milk, water, flower, ginseng root, cup, beer

U is for Ugly

me: what is ugly in korean?
student answers: 쭈굴쭈굴 아줌마, 찐그리다: wrinkly old woman, squinting

after the correct answer:
me: what is the OPPOSITE of ugly?
student answers: angry, witch, tired, 아저씨 (ajussi)

me: What is "teacher"?
student: (stands up, points to me) YOU!!!

What words start with U? (i get the standard: umbrella, UFO, up)
genius CNN girl?: UNESCO

1st grade singing "Old MacDonald"
they are all very very VERY good at singing "E-I-E-I-O". i did get a lot of "And on his farm he had some 떡" ... (to my knowledge Old MacDonald had some poultry that goes "quackquack" on his farm, the song says nothing about rice cakes). they are always asking each other why i am doubling up in laughter.

coteach: What day was yesterday?
girl: elephant

on sunday, i had a sad incident downtown. i was walking and i see a familiar looking boy walking towards me. i recognize him as one of my students so i tap him on the shoulder as he passes and say "안녕!" (it slipped, i should've said "hello"). his dad(?) asked him who i was, and the boy shrugged and said (in korean) "i don't know i've never seen her before". by that point we had both walked further away in our opposite directions and the crowd kindof filled in and i didn't get to say "i am his english teacher NOT a creepy pedophile woman." so today in class: (punchline is the end)

me: i saw you on sunday (acting this out very well w/motions)
student understands, but looks bewildered
coteacher: (to student) did you see miss christine?
student: no
coteacher: (to me) where did you see him?
me: downtown (to student-reenact my tapping him on the shoulder, "안녕")
coteacher: (to student) did you go downtown on sunday?
student: yes
coteacher: did you see miss christine?
student: no
me: (to teacher) i was wearing glasses
coteacher: (to student) you didn't recognize miss christine bc she was wearing glasses?
student: (dawning look of realization) OOOHHHHHHHHHHH~~ she looks REALLY similar to that woman in the glasses!!!
me: THAT WAS ME!!! i'm so sad (fake crying hands on eyes)
coteacher: 너무 했다! (it's too severe(?) for you to not recognize her!) apologize, silly~
student: (looks so embarassed and is still staring at my face) I'M SORRY I'M SORRY
me and coteacher laugh
me: it's ok
student: no no, miss christine, KING SORRY KING SORRY
(in korean, it is completely normal to stick 왕(literally king) in front of many things the way americans use "very" - it is alternately used as best, huge, big, etc.)

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