Monday, November 5, 2007

food and me (splendid)

this is a crazy busy week for me. it has been nuts/nonstop (in a wonderful fabulous way) since last friday and will be. november (and ESPECIALLY these next 2 weeks) is chock full o STUFF. stuff i hadnt eve nanticipated and i cant FREAKING wait for december 5 bc omg it will be amazing to see those faces after a month of 차머ing. i jus took some notes for an update. i will do it tmrw at school haha. good night.

*it's 10:24am and i have no idea where my 2-3 (favorite class!) class is! i coolmessengered the teacher but no response - i hope nothing bad has happened. sometimes i feel so out of the loop-i have no idea what's going on at school.

ok, so food has been a hot topic lately. everyone i talk to (in korea) asks me about food and somehow it keeps coming up. yes, i "like" korean food. but also i am getting very bored of it. it is always rice, soup/stew, and lots of pickled vegetable side dishes. as such, i am always starving but never hungry. i am never quite full or satisfied, and yet i dont really eat much. i've taken to eating italian/american/cheesy anytime i go out to eat just bc my body yearns for it. i've greatly reduced my intake of meat though. i can't digest it as well as i used to, so giant slabs of meat (YUM!) now make my stomach churn in angst and it pains me that my body rejects what my palette so desires. but lately i jsut daydream about french fries. the waffle fries from chick-fil-a, mcdonalds perfect fries, the steak fries from the loop, chili cheese fries from cookout etc. etc. and so on. mmmm i want some french fries. also, i went to pizza hut on sunday ... and they gave us honey mustard w/bbq wings - that doesn't even make SENSE. and yesterday maia got a "caesar salad" that was covered in REGULAR MUSTARD. it was very odd. but, yes, i am craving american food like whoa (or rather, i'm just craving amore DIVERSE menu) and i think it's affecting my whole body (the culinary intake changes) in lots of ways. like i'm not drinking as much water/fluids, getting as much protein, eating as much dairy - so my nails and hair have been growing much more slowly, and i'm tired really easily.

religiosity: i will cove this (maybe later tonight?) in a separate entry - my notes are at home (yes i am a big dork and take notes during the middle of life for my blog/journal)

i am very very busy this week and next. i'm really excited tho to have a lot of stuff going on. i wsa talking with a friend last night and i go through shopping binges a lot more frequently when i'm bored/sad/lonely/upset/basically anytime i'm not completely occupied in something productive. (or something i personally view as productive). i have a hard time relaxing and letting go. i always need to be on the move or doing something or feeling like i'm somehow releasing some productive output to the world. imo says it's part of my KS nature. and that makes sense. but anyways, this weekend (which i'll write about later) has helped put some more of this coming year in korea in perspective and that slight attitude change is making a big difference on how i approach certain tasks.

i've also recently been introduced to a 24/25ish brand new taecher at our school and we're going out to dinner tonight, she wants me to meet her friend who is my age and hopes we'll get along. apparently she's (3-2 teacher) been hving similar adjustment issues as me with being such a young face at this school and not being able to be friends with teh ajumma teacher crowd. so now we visit each other during breaks and have tea and chat and so that'll be fun!~

i've recently really wanted to (and been successful!) make more organic friends. i've decided that's one way to improve my korean, to really experience cheongju/korea from a korean standpoint, and get more immersed in this mindset/reality. at first i only wanted other english-speaking friends but i've decided that sincei 'm here i might as well make the most of it and get as un-american in experiences and 경험 as possible. that way i can see from somewhere most differnet from my own POV and hopefully learn new thingsa nd gain new insights.

ok. well. i guess this class is a no-show cuz it's 10:36 and normally they would end in 4 minutes. this makes me sad. i LOVE my 2-3. they're hysterical (as is the teacher!).

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Amelia said...

I know what you mean about the friends. When I lived in Italy I refused to have any English speaking friends, but here it is waaaay too difficult for me to do, and I'm almost embarrassed by it.

Come to Daegu and have some delicious gravy cheese fries. They are TO DIE for!