Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i bleed blue

i was looking through my planner, where i have fastidiously written down all the dates of the duke games ... and our preseason is off to a healthy start ... we're ranked lower than i expected ... but i hadn't really expected a particular rank so i'm not sure how that makes sense but it does ... to me ... haha anyway ... i started reading the goduke website then i started youtubing for video ... and as per last year ... the new bodies on teh court threw me off at first ... they move differently and are shaped differently and the games have a different rhythm from last year's team (and other previous teams). seeing that hardwood and the court and the stadium and hearing the chants ... gahhhh i could feel my heart YEARNing to be there ... to be a part of that history ... today as i was walking home from school ... somehow the only thing in my head was "drive home safely ... drive home safely" a lovely ending to any duke game ... =) i don't know how much of a fan i'll continue to be later in life ... but for now ... let's just say i miss the whole thing ... the atmosphere ... the camaraderie

ok the first one only made me tear up ... this one made me cry:

this one is good, too ... mostly bc it has a few of my favorite moments of duke all time ... the paulus/mcroberts straddle hug, redick at the dukev.texas game billions of points, gahh too many to name:

no more real live me at duke bball for a while .... i will miss: D-MARC. ZOOSH. duhon pounding the floor. monstrous landlord blocks. redick from a million miles away. seandockery (my fav forever) and his 40 foot vatech beating shot. paulus/mcroberts beautiful assists. mcroberts monstrous dunks. redick's one and only dunk ever. haha. all the silly stuff the crowd/band/mascot does during TV commercial breaks. standing in kville with hot choco/mcnuggets. getting freaking excited when my BF for life pocius gets subbed in. crying bc we win. crying bc we lose. getting lost in the crowd back to rick's/tommy's after the game. bouncing up and down for 2 hours going "uhhhhhhhhhh". jj finally learning to drive. dicky v's crush on jj. jj's smirk/smile. melchionni's "sh~ooop shoo~ooP". stalking seandockery in target. never getting the nerve to say hi to pocius. paulus saying "gbless you" to wint. making ashley tell mcroberts goodluck on unc gameday!!! i miss it all!!!! =) i'll be back.

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