Sunday, January 27, 2008

cheesy (me, not food)


i'm super duper cheerful today. and i'm not EXACTLY sure why. altho today the weather was super SPRINGY and the air even SMELLED like spring so that could be one reason =)

sometimes i get the feeling my weekly back massages might be counterproductive BECAAAAAUUUSE altho after it's over i feel WONDERFUL, during it, i'm in so much pain the rest of my body tenses up in response to the pain my back feels in getting loosened up. but whatever, no pain no gain, correct?

my life lately has been kindof boring but wonderful. i've had loads of time to read and watch TV (american!) and write letters and organize my thoughts. =) which is something that i always want and never get. TIME i mean. FREE TIME. YIPPEEE i love free time. kindof. i'm one of those people who thrives off pressure and deadlines and general busy-ness. or so i've been told. and ok, i kindof admit it.

examples: how i'm always sick when i'm bored. how i was always sick during breaks in college. how i go crazy and all morose when i'm on break and don't have enough to do. how much i love "projects".

BUUUUUT i also LOVE LOVE LOVE catching up on my TV and doing a lot of NOTHING but lying around during my breaks. mostly because my non-breaks are CRAZY BUSY. in korea, even during teaching, i've had loads more free time than i ever did at school. and i've gotten lots of things done.

i organized my iPhoto. i actually got photos printed and put them in albums (bare minimum FAVORITE pics from college = 8+ mini albums). i write several letters a week and often 10 or more postcards a month. i reorganized my files on my computer. i'm FINALLY making teensy weensy dent in my reading list. and ok, i KNOW i made fun of this one ETA bc she said she spent the YEAR catching up on her reading but, i've done my fair share of travel so i think it's time i get to take some down time. the first few months (i.e. august through december) all i did was travel and tire myself out.

and the more i talk to ppl and the closer i get to it, i get the feeling law school (esPECIally 1L) is going to EAT ME. yup yup yup. currently i get around 9-10 hours of sleep a night. and just THINKING how i'll be back to the 6 hours of sleep a night if i'm LUCKY in law school makes me cringe. BLECH. THAT plus internships, PLUS actually being a lawyer and waking up to work out at 6am then go to work and work past dinnertime ...EEEK!!! i totally deserve this time off.

geez, i'm such a nerd for having to justify relaxing. i'm not going to lie. i totally feel guilty and useless anytime i'm not actively DOING something (aka like this time right now during break when i'm not totally jampacked with work). so i have to justify to MYSELF that it's ok. pathetic. ok lesson planning for the rest of this week (ok, maybe just 2 days' worth) i'll put off the last day til later. =) and THEN i'll finish up season 2 of Ugly Betty. (she gives me hope for love, kindof). haha. (p.s. it's been a while since an AMERICAN tv show made me cry this much/often - which is sad bc ugly betty is totally genre-ized as a comedy).

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