Saturday, January 5, 2008

life is sweet. literally.

i'm sitting in my room, drinking some swiss miss and eating crackers smothered in nutella (thank you lil seeester) for breakfast at 1:33 in the afternoon because i woke up at 11 and talked to my family and best friend(s) until 1, and i'm about to watch my favorite movie EVER, pirates of the caribbean just to pass the time ...

AND i cant help but think ... life is sweet.

it's not always what we imagined or pictured or thought would be perfect, but it's still sweet.
(this coming from the girl who only yesterday afternoon was ready to LEAVE korea because there was too much pushing and shoving in the ski lift line ...)

fickle, we humans are. but this moment is hugely enjoyable nonetheless and i will revel in it until my next IHK (ihatekorea) moment. =)

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