Friday, January 18, 2008

효과 or effects

(originally 12/27)

today (and yesterday) has made me super grateful that i'm teaching. and i've been feeling fulfilled (does that make sense?) about my work here thus far. english camp has been an eye-opening experience for me. it has super helped me to realize how capable my students are at english.

sometimes you really jsut need to see people in a different situation (however slightly different) to see otehr sides of them. i'm amazed at students' grasp of classroom english, they're much better at figuring out what i want/mean when i speak in all english than they were just a short 4 months ago!!!

some of the improvements are in more vocab, more confidence, and a quicker grasp of situational english as well. i know my MAIN goal is SOMEWHAT to be an english teacher (more as cultural ambassador) but it IS nice to know that i'm having SOME effect on the students' language skills or at least their perceived competence. some of my quieter kids have been coming up to me and trying novel sentences on their own and trying to ask me questions and tell me things!!! i'm soooo proud of them and soooo excited to see them grow over the next few months also!!!

YAYYY!!! after all the frustrations and setbacks and difficulties that are requisite of the teaching lifestyle i have here, it's nice to SEE/EXPERIENCE SOME effects that i'm HOPING are at least partially attributable to me (and not just (i hope) they're hakwon teachers). haha.

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