Saturday, January 19, 2008

young and techy.

ok two main points. age. and technology.

MY NEW HAIR PLAN IS NOT WORKING!!! basically, all the random ppl i meet in korea think i'm a STUDENT. sometimes high school. and sometimes college. but ALWAYS a student. so i was like, ok remember when i chopped off all my hair for locks of love? and ppl said i looked "mature" and like a "woman of the world" (props to jg)? so i decided to chop it off again and emulate that older more mature look. unfortunately, my mom is of the opinion that my hair person in NJ is much more skilled than my hair person in seoul and while before i just looked mature for my age, i now look like i'm 30. WELL, apparently my plan to look older IS NOT WORKING!!! last monday when i went rock-climbing the instructor man asked if i was a high school student. ... AND AND AAAAAND I GOT ID-ED on friday!!!! i haven't been ID-ed ... since ... well i don't really even remember. but i certainly did NOT get ID-ed on my 21st and that made me a little bit sad. that's the whole point!!! and i don't think i've ever been ID-ed in my last two years of college ... MY HAIR PLAN DID NOT WORK. p.s. the drinking age in korea is like 19 (technically as long as you graduate high school you're a legal drinker) so the barlady thought i was in high school is the point of my rant ... grrrr

point numero two. I NEED THIS it's the new macbook AIR. here's the ad for it: AIR AD.

i KNOW it's probably gonna have a bunch of problems bc it's brand new ... but whatever i wasn't planning on buying a new laptop until late july or august anyway (before/for law school). i want an ultra portable ... i think. i started taking notes with my laptop n my last 2 semesters at duke and i could take MUCH better notes (more quickly and thorough AND i could look up/cross-reference stuff online at the same time) than i did hand-written. the only problem was diagrams but i RARELY had classes where diagrams were used/necessary. sometimes i get distracted by the internet/wirelessness of classrooms but that's my own demon to deal with. i'm a huge note-taking nerdmachine so anything that helps me take better notes makes me happy =). and it was easier to organize and compile notes for midterms/finals and term papers. esp. with control+F to find the relevant materials.

anyway, my main point is, i love this thing. my only REAL beef with it is how durable/sturdy it'll be and i guess lots of ppl are complaining about the no optical drive. but i only use mine to watch dvds and movies and stuff so i can use the wireless remote disc thing ORRR not watch movies in law school and study my butt off. haha. (or not be poor and get a tv/dvd player). anyway, ok my other REAL beef is that it only comes in the 13.3 widescreen. i mean i guess that's pretty standard for a laptop but i've had the powerbook 15incher for almost 3 years and whenever i venture near my sister's 13inch macbook it seems kinda tiny. i dunno i'm old school and want desktop monitor size on my computer... so i'll be following the reviews and customer complaints on the macbook air until i get home to make my final decision for if i want IT over the macbook pro (5.5 lbs IS pretty heavy to lug around). the air at 3lbs is nearly HALF my current baby's weight. yippeeee i love pretty things.

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J.Lim said...

for diagrams, the word from the student microsoft office has a special note taking program out of word and it has a scribble pen so you can draw things straight into your notes. i use my laptop to take notes for my biblical heritage class and the scribble pen is quite handy