Monday, January 7, 2008

jan plans

at the risk of sounding totally cheesy, i can't believe a week's already passed in the new year!!!

schedule for january:
last week:
12/31 head up to seoul w/kimmy
1/1 ONE concert, come home
1/3-4 kwangju/gwangju to visit family
1/5 skiing at high1 w/tom oppa, mary han & co.
1/6 didn't change out of PJs all day

this week:
1/8 go to seoul, hang out with U.S. aka albert
1/9 a few more duke interviews
1/10 DMZ trip w/ramie&rebecca
1/11 뒹굴 with jess, duke alum gettogether
1/12 see wooj and co.
1/13 head back to cheongju

next week:
hang out w/maia, find substitute activity for getting our nails done, prepare 6 English lectures, detox
1/17 make bank (aka get paid; i'm so ghetto fabulous)

last two weeks of january:
1/22 English lectures
1/23 English lectures
1/23-24 camping w/lydia's 3rd years?
1/25 English lectures
1/28 English lectures
1/29 English lectures
1/30 English lectures

maia was an absolute doll and came over for dinner and then cake date even tho she's been in korea for less than 24 hours and she had to teach after less than 10 hours of being in the country. poor jetlagged sweetheart, i don't know how i made the 2 weeks without her (don't worry ash/wint, i still love you two the most!). we swapped gifts (mine from the heart of seoul and hers from the states) and she knew jus how to take my breath away!!! we had spaghetti and garlic bread that imo made before going to get cake and fruit smoothies/juice at my absolute #1 favorite cake place in cheongju. i'm so lucky it's a short walk from my apt.

also, i'm trying to think of korean ppl-y things that are positive. and one of them is family and how impt it is/can be. i will hopefully update on that soon. i know i update too much (compared to other program kids) and in general but i also don't update enough. you have no idea (and probably really would prefer it that way) of all the thoughts in my head!!!

p.s. i've decided my new short/curly cut is NOWHERE near as cute as the original i got in jan 06, so i'm gonna go and complain or something and have them FIX it.

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