Sunday, January 13, 2008


just being happy ^^

thanks to care packages from seester and random travel allowed by breaktime meaning i get to skip yoga/pilates/running, i think i have gained a million lbs. or kilos. whatever.

so far i have et: scooby-doo macncheese, curly noodle soup, box of cheezits, half of nutella jar, dried mangos, half of mrs. field's cookies, ... mm i THINK that's it so far ... and that's less than half of my food!!!

i've also started dipping everything/anything in either nutella or peanut butter ... OOOooOOOoooHHHH maybe tomorrow i will start dipping everything/anything in BOTH!!! YUMMO!!!!!

ALSO, (most importantly) dipping chocolate bars a la snickers or kit kats IN nutella and THEN eating them = AMAAAAZING TASTE SENSATION ... i dunno i've been on a sweets binge lately ... all i want is sweet food

update on life: korea is cold. my skin is better and i'm attributing it to any of a few factors: weekly facials, i finally found/bought my vitamin case after losing my first one at the ambassador's house before thanksgiving so i've been taking my vitamins/fish oils regularly since tuesday, i've been eating at least one substantial meal of meat a day for about a week, i've stopped teaching. haha

those are my main reasons. i think either the restoration of the fish oil and/or meat(protein) to my diet has helped my skin get back on track the most tho. which you may think is the WRONG cause. but before it was SOOOO dry and peeling all the time as a result of my dr. skin regimen and i think my skin was trying to overproduce oil to counteract the dryness. and now it's a nice healthy level of shiny oiliness. yayy!

i recently got a letter from a friend who kept up with my blogging and she said that it seems from my entries that i am not enjoying korea REALLY. and then at dinner the other night i was not feeling well and hostmom said something about how i have NEVER NOT ONCE been 100% healthy the whole time i've been living here.

so i sat and cogitated on that for a bit and i think the two are totally correlated. i HAVE always been a little under the weather healthwise since coming here. first the broken foot and nonstop colds/exhaustion/sore throat/cough since then. and obsessing about my health makes it hard to enjoy much else. pretty much any time i am doing anything that i would mildly consider enjoyable (even eating) all i can think about is how great it'll be when i go home to my room, my bed and i can sleep or nap or just REST. that's pretty much like 80% of what i think about AT LEAST whilst here. clearly, that takes a toll on how much time i spend "enjoying" my life in korea.

imo has a theory that my body is in constant breakdown as a result of my past 4 years of college life. basically that i was always too tired and stressed but being in a constant stressed out mode, my body couldn't relax but now that i have the time and means to relax a little my body is just going haywire. and i see the truth in those words. EVERY year after finals i would break down into 2week strep or flu and be bedridden for any length of time that i spent at home. in the middle of may. so maybe since i'm not all "focused" and intense right now my body senses it can loosen the grip a little and so i'm feeling every wave of illness that comes my way (weakened immune system).

i always think that health is one of those things you can't take for granted. it makes SUCH a huge difference in how you take life and everything it throws at you.

on a lighter note. tomorrow i have a massage/facial appt and then i'm going indoor rock-climbing with one of my favorite teachers and her hu-beh she's introducing me to. YAYY!!!

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grayshifter said...

What vitamins do you take? CAUSE MY SKIN COULD USE SOME LOVE.