Saturday, January 26, 2008


ok. i didn't know what to title this post. it started out as "i love ..." and i then i couldn't think of what it is exactly that i love. but i am filled with loving feelings. WHYYYY you may ask?? well ...

yesterday (friday) TWO separate people complimented my eyes!!! yup!!! my EYES!!! they said they were beautiful, and i have beautiful eyelashes and they admired my eyes!!! on two separate occasions!!! the first was the lady teacher who drives me to and from the class i'm teaching (it's about 20 minutes away by car) and the second was one of the other english instructors (from canada).

this is a BIIIIGGGG deal to me bc my eyes are one of the features that i have the least confidence in. =( i've always been told and thought that i had teensy weensy little eyes. and i've always admired people with big prettily shaped eyes. (except lil cricket with her big dumb deer eyes) haha. so IMAGINE my surprise when two people IN THE SAME DAY complimented my eyes!!! yippee!!!

then i told my mom today, and she was like OF COURSE. you have VERY BEAUTIFUL EYES. especially in korea where everyone has those WEIRD ROUNDISH ARCHED FAKE SSANGKAPEUL (double-eyelid) eyes. and she did a demonstration of what they looked like (we were webcamming). and it was hysterical. she goes, you have very beautiful natural asiany eyes. we should get insurance on them. or call UNESCO and make it an asian treasure. then of COURSE she ends with, you should thank me for your beautiful eyes. i did such a great job.

anyway, those compliments tickled me pink. bc i am so self-conscious of my mini-eyes and snuffaluffagus eyelashes (they point straight down!). yippee!!!

ok, i'm being silly now. anyways, so i was supposed to go skiing today. but i wasn't feeling up to it. which is weird. i think i'm getting old. bc last time i went skiing, i wanted to stop skiing before the day was over (there was still sunlight) bc i was cold and tired. and usually i'm fighting to be the last one on the mountain. ppl have to drag me off and make me go home. and today i thought it'd be better to stay home and rest and catch up on writing letters and maybe lesson plan instead of skiing. i AM getting old. yeeeeesh!!! (see? that was even an old lady sound!)

ok so now i'm rambling. oh but wait. imo is coming back home tomorrow!!! yayy!!! she was in cambodia for the last week with her college students on a medical service trip type thing. and i missed her!!! so she is coming back tomorrow morning and i will have someone to talk to. oh yes, i will update soon on my relationship with the hostfam (getting better and better). =) ok. back to doing other things. bye bye.

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J.Lim said...

your imo goes to africa on medical service trips?!?!?!!?!?!?!? do you know what kind of service/qualifications/other trips to africa that i can go to??? i've been wanting to go to africa since last year!! i cant believe you didnt tell me this....