Friday, January 4, 2008

stuff that is so not really related to 광주

pics of new hair at the end. and yes you are allowed to skip.

an interesting convo:

aunt: so when ur a rich and famous lawyer, don't forget us
aunt2: yea we want to visit america
me: ok, both of you can bring 할머니 with you to my wedding
aunts laughing
aunt: you'd better have that wedding in korea
aunt2: you know your grandma won't go back to america
aunt: yea and marry a korean!
grandma: weguks are GROSS
aunts and me laughing
grandma: they are 징그러워 and they smell, too!

i believe the tv show on the busride back was called "snow: or more proof that koreans are CLAZY"
FIRRRST it was just showing ALL the snow thenn thennn ... well here we go:
1. there is a troop of young police officers helping their jeep through the waist deep snow, they head to a temple/building that is clearly very rural. i was like, oh good they're bringing help to some trapped monks or old ppl or something ... no they just PARK there and then start trekking off into the mountainside ... THENN they pick a random spot (seemingly) and start digging through the waistdeep snow in the middle of this mountain somewhere ... i'm all like umm why??? and DUHHH i should've known .. HIKERS show up at that VERY spot to be the FIRST to hike on this SNOWY mountain ripe for avalanches..

2. snow is a problem in korea bc of the plastic bag material greenhouses and the ginseng farms. the weight of the snow rips the plastic tarpaulin stuff and it all falls into the greenhouse. anyway, there is this woman waving around like a torch made of rolled up newspaper all inside the greenhouse and there are bits flying off into her hair and stuff ... SHE IS TRYING TO MELT THE SNOW OFF THE ROOF OF THE GREENHOUSE LIKE THIS

3. they show like an 80 year old woman who weighs like 20 lbs. SHOVELING through snow that comes up to her CHIN. and i'm like oh wow she's trying to rescue her grandkid or something bc of the ferocity and the urgency of her shoveling. but no no ... she has to dig out the giant brown pots outside her house ... so she can have 된장찌개 ... like seriously?? you couldn't just be like i'll put some extra WATER in my rice this morning and just have 죽 since there is so much snow out there??

4. this monk is digging through the knee deep snow .. then he wraps two brown paper boxes in plastic and straddles the thing and starts "sledding" around the courtyard. haaaaaaaahahahaha. it was HYSTERICAL!!! he's shovelling frantically one minute and the subtitles at the bottom of the screen show the narrator asking him, why are you shoveling, monk? and he answers: this is the temple courtyard and if we dont clear it, the snow freezes and wont melt until april here all solemnlike. the NEXT minute he's like slipping and sliding and whooping all around the courtyard!!

ok, there was this toddler type humanoid in my front row of the bus. who was a TERROR CHILD. he kept screaming and yelling and crying and at one point even the bus driver told the ajumma to please move because he can't focus on driving safely and the child is a menace to all of us that way. so she moves back THANK GOD. but later after the rest stop moves up and tells the kid to be quiet or they'll have to move. WELL, about 10 mintues before we arrive at the bus terminal .. he HAS TO PEE. and the way i REALIZE THIS, is he's suddenly standing up in the woman's lap, pants around his ankles, and she's holding a cup to his "peeing area apparatus". and i'm LIKE OHHHHH YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. i was so not pleased at that point in time ... OH NO I WASNT BELIEVE ME YOU. what with my ridiculous bus-sickness (which is COMPLETELY korea induced ... i used to be able to READ in cars for prolonged periods of time) and the peeing screaming child ... i was about ready to call it quits on korea. or at least go back to hating koreans for a bit.

that'll be another mission for my remaining time here. looking for koreans' redeeming factors. like how they have no personal space. or how their elbows always end up in my ribs/face. or how they're so loud whilst talking to the ppl right next to them or directly behind me. or how they STARE shamelessly at anyone speaking english. or talk about me in KOREAN right in front of me as though i can't understand. anyway, this is so not healthy for my looking for redemptatory characteristics. haha. must wake up at 4:50am. good night.

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J.Lim said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i lovee halmuhnee's comments..i can see her face of disgust as she says it, too...