Saturday, January 19, 2008


ok. so i have been known to cry over food in the past. food elicits many tearful emotions for me, to name a few:

1. pain at having eaten too much and not being able to move
2. disappointment at being told the ONE thing i really looked forward to was not available
3. happiness at glorious taste of long-anticipated food
4. the hole in my heart (stomach?) caused by not being able to eat something i really crave...

so now i will write about #4. if you have questions about the others and would like anecdotes, let me know and i'll see what i can do.

ok, the other night i cried, yes i CRIED, because liz lemon from 30 rock orders a meatball sub and all i could think was how badly i wanted to taste a meatball sub and COULDN'T. i could IMAGINE the taste, the texture on my tongue, the texture on my fingers, i JUST WANTED A MEATBALL SUB SO BADLY i considered making one for myself with whatever i could find in korea. but it's not the SAME. i want the EXPERIENCE of ordering a meatball sub and having it made right in front of me and then unwrapping the paper around it and GAHHH!!!! I JUST WANT IT SO BADLY!!! i can't live. i can't die. i can't eat. i am so miserable. =(

other foods i CRAVE:
waffle sundae from nj diners
ordering randys pizza (durham)
lobster dip at firebirds
artichoke cheese dip at cheesecake factory
ANYTHING from cheesecake factory
sullungtang (i dunno it's just better in america)
kalbi my mom makes
grouper sandwich from loop
that chicken/tofu thing i liked from that thai restaurant (I DONT EVEN REMEMBER THE NAMES ANYMORE!!!)
chicken pad see ew with tofu from THAI CAFE (thanks JB for remembering)
fried rice from pao lim
el rodeo
bbq from qshack
cosmic quesadilla
popeyes biscuits
cookout shakes
blue devil shakes from quenchers.
crab rangoon.
chow fun.
jimmy johns, with the chips in the middle of my special sandwich.
saffron rice.
elmo's diner.
pho. w/coconut bubble tea minus the bubbles.
pauly dogs.

anyway, i can't list anymore, cuz i'm already heartsick enough as it is.
let me tell you one story about how much i love the chicken pad see ew (CPSE) at thai cafe.

it's a thursday night in late spring and i'm in the middle of my yoga class. and all of a sudden the only thing i can think about is chicken pad see ew. and how badly i want it. and how i HAVE TO HAVE IT. well. my yoga class went from 7:30 to 9PM. and i was REALLY worried that thai cafe would close around 9. so the whole rest of my yoga class i'm devising a plan to get the CPSE and also debating with myself that i don't really NEED it. that i can just get something else to eat and i'll be ok. so despite the roaring debate in my mind (clearly i failed at meditating and clearing my mind that night) as soon as class ended i BOOKED it out of there and started taking the shortcut i had been thinking of during yoga to student parking to my car and i was SOOO glad i had brought my car keys with me to the gym (i normally don't bring any of my keys). as i'm walking out of the gym i called 411 and asked for the number to thai cafe and had them direct connect me. (after i hung up of course i saved their #). i called and asked what time they closed (10pm i THINK) and i ordered a take-out CPSE w/tofu. they said it'd be ready in 20 min. WHEW~!!! at that point i was delirious with happiness and i felt the RELEASE of my pent-up stress and anxiety about maybe not being able to eat CPSE that night. after i got there i took a call from my sister in which i detailed my plan and success. she basically was stunned at what a huge food nerd i was being. and how i couldn't stop telling her how this was the most delicious thing that i ABSOLUTELY had to have just then. the drive back to my room was painfully long but in the end it was all worth it for the DEEEEELICIOUS CPSE i ravenously ravished in the happy glow of success. =) Mission Accomplished.

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