Tuesday, January 1, 2008

wow, i'm old. (UPDATED)


or as i told kim, HAPPY NEW HAIR!!!

I have new hairs as of last night, 12/31. ok not new hairs like i got them transplanted from someone else, but they are looking different!!! i will have new pics up as soon as kim sends them to me!!

and as they do it in korea ... i turned 24 today as did everyone else born in 1985. somehow i was 22 for 2 months, 23 for 6 and a half months, and now i'll be 24 until july when i turn back to 23.

anyway, last night we went to the YG family ONE concert featuring: se7en, 1tym, jinusean, redroc, mugadang?, gummy, 정은?, 45rpm, and prob some others, and of COURSE BIGBANG. it was pretty fun in the beginning considering how much i hate concerts haha. but around 3am i got dead. poor kimmy she thought iwas scary but in all reality my body stopped functioning and i couldn't respond to anything bc i am old and it was past my bedtime by a million hours.

more later. i want to eat my curly noodle soup and go get another facial and a back massage before dinner.
will update on kimmy's visit!!!

UPDATE: ok i think my last post was friday after my last english camp class.
friday: had holiday banquet dinner for chungbuk native english teachers. twas enjoyable although i was not hungry and the food was not that good. i ate a WHOLE lot of corn, 호박죽, and japchae. not much else was notably yummy. oh, the yookhwe was ok. then i made tom oppa go to the arcade with me bc i wanted to play soul caliber ... teehee ... i beat it ... and then he made me leave haha. next, we wandered a bit before i decided i was too tired and wanted to go home (before 10pm).

saturday: kimmy came!!! we ate mcdonalds for lunch then got our nails done together!!! then we wandered over to the starbucks, then went to take sticker pictures, before finally going home. we dinguuled for a little bit before getting udon/sushi dinner and then going bowling with tom oppa and 2 of his manteachers. it was fun except for the part when i was bad at bowling. like beyond statistically predictably bad. i was so GREAT at being bad. then it was *SHNOWING* and beautiful!!

sunday: kimmy and i slept til superlate, then made macncheese for lunch, then watched friends, ate a box of cheezits (this was mostly on my own), ate gummy fruit snacks, mrs. fields' cookies, mainly gorged on the food boxes my sister sent me!!! this was a glorious time in my life. we went to get facials together, too!! finally we decided to order in my FAVORITE GOLDFINGERS for dinner. finally we headed out to noraebang bc kimmy had been wanting to forEVER. and we NRB-ed for 3 hours. twas glorious.

monday: still snowing-head up to seoul. no snow in seoul =( meet daegu 할머니, 할아버지, 삼촌 for yummy kalbi lunch. then go to our hostel and lay on the ondol floor for 2 hours. finally go to 이대 to get my haircut/permed and have a pretty decent italian food dinner before heading over to olympic stadium for YG FAM ONE concert. meet up with ray, jen, diane, jason, stacey, and christine A.

tuesday: wake up in hostel, find dunkin, eat breakfast/brunch w/ariah and amber and kim. head down to bus terminal where i pass out immediately on busride home. still snowing in cheongju. YESSS!!! make myself stay awake until 10pm so that i will be able to have a decent amount of sleep (aka not go to sleep at 5pm and wake up at 3am). i slept a whopping 12 hours MOSTLY uninterrupted and woke up at 10:30am this morning. NICE.

ok, now. i HATE concerts. i may have blogged about this before. but i hate EVERYTHING about them. the waiting in line. the fans. the noise. the lack of personal space. the noise. the people. the way everything is always late. the waiting. the people. the noise. the lack of personal space. the lack of hygiene. the waiting and crowding to leave. i hate it ALL. so i was not too pleased. i had a temporary lapse of brain when i agreed to go. haha. but apparently i amused kim with all my negativity. of COURSE we were sitting in front of the girl with the SHRILLEST voice and the MOST to say in the whole freaking place. altho i KNOW i would've enjoyed the concert tons more if i had bought one of those light sticks you can wave all night (JUST like the sellerman PROMISED). i'm so mad i didnt get one.

anyway, we realized how old we were bc i know all the songs from the 2000 YG Familennium album and knew only the YG fam members who had been on that original album (1tym, jinusean) i also knew se7en and bigbang but who doesnt? anyway, it starts, and my worst nightmare begins ... THOUSANDS (ok maybe hundreDs?) of teenybopper girls SCREEEEEAMING for NO reason??? at the top of their lungs ... i dunno how i didnt take this into account beforehand ...

The Happiest Place/Time in the World
but anyway, overall i enjoyed myself. it was a memorable new years. altho when they first showed the countdown in seoul with the big "bell-ringing" i cried because all i could think of was how i ALWAYS spend new years eve with my family in our family room watching the times square countdown and then eat tongdak afterwards while my dad's flips between regis philbin and teleMUNDO bc altho he understands regis, watching telemundo's coverage of new year's eve is FAAAAAR more entertaining. and i've realized, i am jsut one of those ppl who is a family person. i dont enjoy drinking with my peers on new year's eve, it's not nearly as enjoyable as spending it warm and cozy with my family on the couch as my dad roasts sweet potatoes in the fireplace. that's just about one of the happiest places in the world i think. my house at the countdown, as my parents rush home from xmas eve mass to make the countdown with us girls. THAT is true happiness and something to be thankful for at the turn of the year. a perfect way to end one year and start the next, enveloped in my family's love.

somehow this entry got sappy, and i apologize if you are green with envy and/or mockery at how "leave it to beaver" my life can be, but this is how it is, folks.

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