Friday, December 28, 2007

xmas was not too xmas-y

i think it helped that korea is not overly xmasy. if it were i would've had a bigger sense of what i was missing and been much sadder i believe and felt lonelier. but since eveyrone in korea retty much treats it like any other day, i was able to also. aside from opening wint's card and present. id ont think i even sang any xmas carols on 12/25. very odd. considering how that is my favorite music genre. also. i load all the xmas music on my ipod on 12/1 every year since i've had one. it's like my speical countdown treat. but this year the 24 days from start to finish went by MUCH too quicly. it's like the world knew how hard this month could have been for me and somehow it flew by in my consciousness where i seriously hve no idea wher ethe time between thanksgiving and NOW has gone. very odd, but omforting in a way also.

right now waiting on emails from some VIP (very IMPORTANT People) in my life. i get really impatient with this time difference and i HAT Ehaving to wait to talk to ppl i really dont feel like waiting to talk to! i get really antsy/anxious/excited about the ppl i love and this time difference thing is killing me. (i KNOW if i had to they' be totally willing ot listen ...) but usually i just wanna call and be like COME ONLINE SO WE CAN WEBCAM AND I CAN SHOW YOU MY NEW BOOTS!!! and then they would hang up the phone and silently curse me in their sleep and dream dreams of sweet revenge. so i must be patient (don't worry mommy-no new boots - that was just an example)

i'll come back and clean this up. i'm dizzy so that must mean it's past my bedtime. good night.

oh p.s. mommy/jess: i feel like i haven't talked to daddy on the phone for a while so make sure he's home tonight when you guys call me - i'll be awake around 9:30 my time but call AFTER 10am bc i have to eat breakfast with hostfam thanksloveyougnite.

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