Sunday, December 9, 2007


i have too many thoughts to record. anywhere. my brain is a mess all over the world. hehe.

the more i try to slow down, the happier i've been feeling. and more fulfilled and satisfied. rather than my first choice of remedy to the homesick blues, which was to pack my schedule and keep my life frenzied and crazy crazy crazy!!!

so many issues and things to think about.

my life is good. i'm happy for what it is right now and more and more excited for what's to come!

p.s. i had this dream where i was harry potter (but i looked like me) and i had his talents and skills (i.e. awesome broom flying) and voldemort and i had to keep having these showdowns but they were all local to where i grew up. one was in my friends' house and another was in verona park, etc. it was so terrifying, i think i woke up when i was racing threw the cedars without a decent conclusion of either of us dying.

xmas card pictures from this weekend:
leejihae and sexy xmas tree

me w/sexy tree

maia w/winter scene

jess w/winter scene

me w/winter scene

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